AOC Presents Cutting-Edge 68P and 77F Series Monitors

4K displays are the high-definition screens of the future. Professionals who work with graphics daily require a large screen and realistic colour range. The AOC 68P monitor delivers these qualities, with an expansive 28-inch screen featuring a Deep Colour 10-bit display panel and Ultra HD resolution. In addition to the capable display, the monitor also features diverse connection options with multisource monitoring and a versatile adjustable stand.

AOC traditionally provides a clean, enriching visual experience in a minimalist style, but the AOC 77F Series takes sleek to a new level with its refined super-slim design, featuring a bezel that is fifty percent thinner than previous generations. The AOC 77F Series offers premium styling with an ultra-narrow screen border and superior IPS display panel: truly good-looking monitors in every sense.

Professional Productivity

68P 2

The 28" AOC 68P Series is engineered for professional users. As a precision dedicated monitor for image editing and review, it is ideal for architects, CAD/CAM, 3D modelling, graphic design and security monitoring. With 4K2K Ultra High Definition at 3840 x 2160 resolution, the screen is equivalent to four Full HD displays, reducing the need to zoom in and out while working with large images. Security professionals can view multiple live video feeds simultaneously at full camera resolution.

PIP/PBP functionality displays a second connected source on a portion of the screen for real-time monitoring or multitasking across devices.

The 10-bit Deep Colour display panel ensures substantially more natural transitions between hues for exceptional image realism. With a 1ms response time, the AOC 68P provides seamlessly smooth motion without blurring, delivering sensational video and animation.

These display qualities can also be enjoyed for entertainment, creating an immersive experience for games, movies and sports.

- DisplayPort, HDMI and MHL
The AOC 68P Series supports multiple digital and analog inputs. In addition to HDMI, Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) enables users to enhance their mobile content experience by connecting compatible smartphones and similar devices through a thin cable, to enjoy videos, photos and apps on the big screen. The MHL connection also charges portable devices when connected. The AOC 68P maintains compatibility with traditional analog devices through its VGA port. A DisplayPort (DP) connection features higher resolution/framerate capacity than HDMI or DVI and allows multiple monitors to be synchronised for incredible expansiveness. Professionals can be confident that any source of digital content they have will be enjoyed at splendid quality on the AOC 68P Series display.

- Professional Ergonomics
In any screen-intensive profession, adaptability is essential for long work sessions. Adjusting the screen for maximum personal comfort can reduce stress caused by poor body posture when working. The AOC 68P provides an ergonomic stand that lets users tilt, swivel and adjust the height of the display with ease. 90 degree pivot rotation even allows the display to be turned from traditional landscape orientation to a vertical portrait view.

Streamlined Style

I2777FQ 5 

The AOC 77F Series in a word: stylish. The fashionable design features glossy black surfaces with beautiful silver trim. The intention of the AOC 77F Series is to express the AOC design philosophy in its purest form, with a thin border, slim minimalist design and elegant silver and transparent touches.

The ultra-narrow border, with a slender bezel of only 3.5mm at the sides, makes these monitors ideal for almost seamless multi-display operation. A standard VESA attachment point supports surface mounting, for grouping in a video wall or hanging like an elegantly floating picture frame.

- Beauty from Every Angle
The AOC 77F Series can be considered the supermodel of AOC displays because it looks good no matter how it is looked at. The AOC 77F Series captures the imagination, presenting boundless perfection from every angle, including the IPS display panel, which offers the best colour uniformity from every viewing position.

- MHL, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs
Mobile technologies continue to evolve, and people everywhere spend hours enjoying digital content on their smartphones. With the AOC 77F Series supporting Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), users can greatly enhance the smartphone content experience, connecting compatible smartphones or other portable devices to the monitor through a single slim cable, to comfortably enjoy videos, photos, apps and even browse the Web on the big screen. The MHL connection also charges connected devices without requiring a separate power source.

HDMI supports digital television, Blu-ray players and games consoles, while DisplayPort ensures compatibility with the latest computer systems.

With so many input options, users can be confident that any source of digital content will be enjoyed at maximum quality on the AOC 77F Series displays.

Pricing and Availability

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