GAEMS Personal Gaming Environments & Monitors On Display At EB Expo Sydney

The flagship Vanguard PGE from GAEMS has an integrated 19" LED HD display, stereo speakers, and dual headphone jacks to immerse you in your favourite Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 game or movie wherever you are!
Designed for everyone who wants to be immersed in their gaming environment. The larger 19" screen does just that with its optimal viewing angles and GAEMS exclusive technology. You are sure to enjoy the Vanguard so much that you won't even want to play on your big screen television anymore. Stand out in the crowd with the GAEMS Vanguard. It's your identity. The entertainment is yours. The game is yours.

Black Vanguard 3qtr open

• At 5.2kg, without console, the Vanguard is a portable gaming environment. Game anywhere, you just need an outlet!
• The Vanguard is TSA approved as a carryon.
• The fastest gaming screen on the market, virtually lag-free.
• 19" and 720p LED screen
• Screen has a matte finish which allows for gaming in bright lights without glare, game outside if you want too.
• Game with the whole family and all your friends around the case, with nearly 180 degree viewing, everyone can see the screen.
• Two 3.5mm headphone jacks means you can game with a friend in a loud environment, just plug in your favorite headsets.
• Integrated speakers for awesome gameplay sound without headsets, there is a sweet spot for sound when gaming.
• HDMI input
• Vanguard is compatible with the PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and the Xbox One.

The GAEMS M155 portable gaming monitor is a 15.5″ display that resembles a tablet more than it resembles a monitor. While being billed as a professional monitor, the USB power and HDMI connection allow an amazing amount of flexibility for what this device can truly be. In a professional environment, the unit can easily be used for presentations or even for just getting a better look at the job at hand. It can also hook into things like mobile phones or tablets, allowing someone always on the go to have better access to apps or entertainment without having to haul around a laptop.

GAEMS M155-front right facing

• Weighs in at amazing .8kg! Ultra lightweight and portable
• USB Powered
• HDMI Input
• HD720P LED Display
• 50HZ – Virtually lag-free gaming