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The Making of Citadels part one

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Slovakian developer, Games Distillery, has been quietly working on Citadels - a new interpretation of Arthurian legend. In this first "Making of" video, Juergen Reusswig, founder of Games Distillery, introduces the core principles of Citadels, explaining how to build up an infrastructure and how to establish a flourishing economy within the game.

Citadels relates a spellbinding story from a time of kings, noble knights, and impenetrable castles, offering medieval battles with extraordinary characters and numerous tactical possibilities. In order to survive enemy onslaughts, players must construct mighty castles and fortify them with moats, walls of spears, and defensive units. But, building a powerful army requires the extraction and production of resources, making the delicate balance between economy and battle a critical decision in every engagement.


Key Features
* Experience medieval England at the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with detailed graphics and painstakingly designed environments - and rewrite history in the process!

* Good or evil? Decide for yourself whether you will fight on the side of King Arthur or Mordred and his allies from the Northlands.

* Construct impregnable fortresses and fortify them with units, moats, and spear walls. Your strategy will determine your success or failure.

* A castle alone does not ensure victory! The right combination of defensive structures and units, as well as resource extraction and production are decisive for the outcome of a siege.

* Fight medieval battles with an army of all kinds of units and siege weapons. When assembling your army, you will have access to archers, crossbowmen, swordsmen, mounted units, ladder carriers, catapults, trebuchets, ballistae, and siege towers.

* Realistic projectile ballistics enables a tactical advantage for higher positions, and falling objects and rubble cause damage.

* By fulfilling certain tasks, you can acquire legendary characters that will give you a bonus for your missions.


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Game Details

Game: Citadels
Developer: Games Distillery
Publisher: bitComposer Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: Q3 2013
Price: TBD

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