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REVIEW: Sid Meier's Civilization VI (PC)

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Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is the only Civilization you need and want. Buy it! There... Review done.

Okay, so maybe I had better elaborate a bit...

I have played some of the other Civilizations. I got into Civilization a bit later in the game. Being a fan of games such as SimCity and The Settlers, I was never really into the whole turn based game. It always annoyed me more than anything. That said, Civilization works well as a turn based strategy game.

Civilization 6 is the culmination of Sid Meier’s 25-year-old franchise. While with every new game in a franchise we usually see or expect to see a number of changes and/or improvements, when it comes to Civilization 6, the minimalistic changes are actually a welcome sight.

Civilization games make a God. Well not in the real world, but you know... in the game. You are the ruler over vast kingdoms controlling the fate of your people. You can create fortunes, change policy and destroy your enemies. This is the beauty of the Civilization games, they give you total control over your own fate.


The turn-based system, as mentioned earlier, is still how you play this game. While not much change has come to the turn-based system, it has been a little more refined and become a touch more advanced than before. Not much innovation has been given the core of the game, but Civilization is one of those games that can get away with it. The underlying mechanics of Civilization 6 date back to the 1991 original, and unlike most every other game, this is a great thing for Civilization 6 as at its core, Civilization is basic enough to allow anyone to play and advanced enough for experience strategists to enjoy.

Playing Civilization 6, like its predecessors, you start with your small town and build from there. You will need to explore around you to find materials, animals, minerals and the like to help you on your path to a mass kingdom. You will come across many enemies but also would-be allies. You can become friends with everyone, or no-one. The choice is yours. But know that your choices will have a lasting effect on your longevity as ruler. Just be sure to look at a long term solution for your kingdom, rather than a short term fix.


You can grow and prosper through military and science research, the building of monuments and useful building and items for your people and even through faith or religion. You can start and go in all guns blazing, but you won’t get far. A domination victory straight up may seem like a good idea, but it will rarely work out in your favour. Resources are key throughout Civilization, and these can be gained a number of ways. You can find them and mine them or you can take them from other cities. Every decision you make changes the course of the game. As said in one famous movie, “There is no fate but what we make”. This rings true here.

Apart from creating your very own army to protect and pillage, exposing your people to culture and religion will also help you reign over your kingdom. You want your people to be happy right? Civilization 6 has a very “western’ feel about how it goes about its business. I don’t mean western as in cowboy, but in terms of its place in the world. Its heritage has an American style feel about it.


Complacency has no place in Civilization 6. Complacency will get you killed

Victory in Civilization 6 can be won in different ways. Of course you can become a military superpower and take the land by force, but a religious victory is a non-violent way to take over the lands. You send off missionary units to spread the word of your religion, bringing new followers from every city in the world. Rather than taking their land, you take their people.

A scientific victory and technological victory is another way to win, but it also has its cons. You’ll need military superiority to keep your enemies at bay as your every success will make them nervous. Keeping your kingdom secure is a must when vying for a technological victory.

For newbies, this may sound quite technical and somewhat complicated, and that’s because it is. But don’t stress, Civilization 6 does a fantastic job of allowing you to keep track of it all. It also does a great job of not overwhelming you.

If this all sounds quite complicated, its because it is. However, Civilization 6works hard to make it easier to keep track of everything that’s going on than ever before. Everything fits together more smoothly so you can jump from screen-to-screen and tree-to-tree without getting overwhelmed or failing to find the info you need.


There are a few minor, but welcome changes to the gameplay also. The Happy index is gone. Happiness is now measured on a city-by-city basis. Your cities hexes now can work as placement spots for other buildings allowing massive benefits monetary and otherwise.

The AI has been given some more smarts too. Prepare to be manipulated by them.

Enemy info is now more accessible than ever. Now you will know what will any given leader likes or dislikes. Knowing how to please your neighbor is certainly a big plus, and knowing how to really irk them can be fun too.

Visually Civilization 6 has taken on a little less of real-ish look in favour for a more cartoony type style. This is really neither here-nor-there to me. It is well detailed and if anything, it makes the game itself feel a little more casual.
Civilization 6 is the best in the series thus far that takes every aspect of previous games and simply improves upon it. The game itself hasn’t come a long way since 1991, but then... it doesn’t need to.

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