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REVIEW: Titanfall 2 Official Marauder SRS Stereo Headset (Xbox One)

Written by Stacefacemayhem
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I don’t generally review hardware, it’s just not my thing, but the Titanfall 2 Marauder SRS Stereo Headset winked at me and I couldn’t resist winking back.

Powered by PDP (Performance Designed Products) and created for XBOX and PS4, this review will assess the wired XBOX version, not the smaller chat headset also available for purchase. This style of headset will require a 3.5MM stereo headset jack, so if you are still rocking an old school controller without an adapter, you may want to consider something else... or a Titanfall 2 controller to match perhaps?

Visually, the headset is pretty badass. Commando Green with detailed yellow and white decals and etched black rubber panels, it feels like a headset a military character would have used to dish out orders in game. It certainly fits the Titanfall aesthetic. It also has signature blue LED lighting on each ear muff.
The headband is padded and fully adjustable to a decent size. Perfect to use for those messy hair and track pants days. The mic is very flexible, which is thankful as I am always concerned with breaking mine due to the great MW3 headset rage incident of 2013. My only critique of the physicality of the headset is the ear cups. Don’t get me wrong they are nice, black pleather with decent padding, they appear comfortable and are for a small amount of time. After a long session of gaming my ears began to ache due to the cup... well not completely cupping.

The volume and mute buttons are mounted on the ear muff for “Quick Access”, yes I used quotations. In theory, they were a good idea, but with the etched rubber on both sides I found I was often physically taking the headset off to adjust my settings as I couldn’t find them feeling around. A lazier person would be annoyed by this, but I find it a useful and refreshing break for my numb ear holes.

So the do or die moment for the headset is... the answer to this question... How is the sound? The noise cancelling is good for those nights you want to crank it and also not get nagged to turn it down all the time. They boast 40mm Neodymium audio drivers and a impressive dynamic haptic driver. What are those you might say.. I didn’t know either, so I googled it. Neodymium means they employ an electromagnetic motor design and haptic drivers are chips that control vibration and its patterning. On arrival the headset comes with 2 AAA batteries to run the haptic driver, but the instruction manual assures you that without them it does not effect functioning sound, and it doesn’t. The only thing I noticed without the haptic is the reverberating of explosions as much in foreground sounds.

Despite all the technical mumbo jumbo, they actually had pretty good sound in game and in chat. Voices were clear and not distorted, and gaming music and sound effects were on point. I watched an episode of American Horror Story with them on and had to discontinue half way through due to jump scares in my ear being a little to realistic for my liking.

Overall, essentially you get what you pay for. Of course there are a few minor cosmetic and design flaws but for the price (US $69.99) the sound was surprisingly good. I still use mine now for short to average length bursts of Call of Duty. Visually though, if you are a fan of Titanfall 2 they are worth mounting of the shelf for looks at least to admire.

The Titanfall 2 Official Marauder SRS Stero Headset is available for preorder on PDP's website: http://pdp.com/en/shop/titanfall_2/http://pdp.com/en/shop/titanfall_2/

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  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Pre-Order
  • Platform: XBOX ONE
  • Publisher: PDP
  • Genre: Hardware
  • Price: US $69.99
  • URL: http://pdp.com/en/shop/titanfall_2/