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REVIEW: Titanfall 2 & Battlefield 1 XBOX/PC Controllers (HARDWARE)

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While I am not a fan of wired controllers these days, there are certainly plenty of them around. PDP (Performance Designed ProductsPerformance Designed Products) have supplied a couple of their themed wired controllers to us to take a look at.

I have been playing with the Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 wired controllers for the last 2 weeks. Both controllers are the official controllers of their respective games and both function the same. But... they look different (of course) and also feel different to each other.

Straight up I will say that the BF1 controller was my favorite, but that is just my preference. The TF2 controller has that “technical” type look to coincide with the theme of TF2. It has rubber palm grips on the face of the controller and matte type surface on the rear to hold on to.

The BF1 controller is actually quite plain in comparison. It is faux woodgrain and silver but still manages to look quite sleek and sexy. The faux woodgrain grips have an almost rubberized feel about them... it feels like neither plastic or rubber, but somewhere in-between. Either way, it feels great in the hand and does not seem to slip even when playing for an extended period.

angle view

Both controllers have Dual multi-function wheels on the rear of the controller that seem like a good idea, but do feel a bit flimsy. It’s almost like someone wanted to copy the paddles from the Elite controller... but didn’t. Once I got used to them, I did actually find them useful in some games, but you wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t there.

Both controllers also have a long 10’ detachable USB-to-microUSB USB cable. The BF1 controller cable looks much nicer having that “braided” look whereas the TF2 controller just has a standard plain black one. My only concern with a detachable cable on these controllers that where the cable connects to the controller, the port is buried down into the controller about 5mm.

Now while the gap is large enough for most microUSB cables, if you lose the supplied cable, you may find not just any cable will fit neatly in its place. My guess for deeper microusb connector is for stability of the cable. My standard XBOX ONE controller that I have been using for PC games since I could, now has a loose connector on top and I have many cables with bent microusb ends from the controller being knocked off the table or whatnot over its time.

titanfall2 20xb1 20controllerv3 rev3.622

That said, a detachable cable is useful as over time, the cable can start to break and wear around the USB connector and where it connects to the controller and then cause the controller to become useless. So knowing you can replace that cable is worth the tradeoff.

Both controllers have good weight, vibration and impulse triggers. The controllers actually feel better than the original XBOX ONE wireless controller. Everything feels nicer. The buttons and the D-Pad feel smoother and the trigger buttons are angled slightly outward to give a more natural feel.

Both controllers also give you the ability to adjust game and chat audio direct from the controller itself. This is super handy in the heat of battle!

titanfall2 20xb1 20controllerv3 rev3.624

Overall these are great wired controllers. They tick all the right boxes for a good controller. Of course most of us are used to wireless these days, but at least wired doesn’t run out of charge mid-game :)

So the question is:.. Are they worth shelling out hard earned bucks for? If wired doesn’t bother you, they are certainly worth the purchase!purchase!

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