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REVIEW: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4)

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It’s been a busy month with three AAA first-person shooters hitting the shelves. First we had Battlefield 1, then Titanfall 2, so how will Activision's latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare stack up?

Let's start with the campaign. Personally I think Infinite Warfare’s campaign is probably the most solid & fun i’ve experienced in a Call of Duty game since the earlier Black Ops games. Everything from the gunplay, to the varied missions that take you to dog fights in space to the good old classic boots on the ground action giving you a very solid, enjoyable experience.

You play as Nick Reyes, an ace jet fighter pilot that quickly becomes the captain of his own ship which is ultimately trying to track and take down Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington which plays the role of Bad Guy and leader of the SDF. The single player is broken up between side missions and main missions. The side missions, which are optional are either Jackal Strike missions, which sees you piloting your Jackal taking down enemy ships or Ship Assault missions, that see you breaching different ships and either killing a high value target or stealing top secret technology. Then you have the 12 or so main story missions, putting the total numbers of hours you’ll be floating around in space at about 6 to 7 hours of gameplay.

This single player also lets you try out plenty of fancy new tech such as the hacking tool which lets you take direct control of enemy robots, zero-gravity grenades that make your enemies float into the air for easy kills, shock grenades that will disable your mechanical foes and then there's my personal favorite, the grappling hook which is for getting around space, but a great tool for taking out nearby enemies with a pretty gruesome melee takedown.

Now, the multiplayer portion of Infinite Warfare hasn’t really moved the franchise forward too much. For me it felt like a combination of Ghosts and Black Ops 3. Now, not a lot of people liked Ghosts, which was the last boots on the ground Call of Duty game, then you have everyone else that’s just tired of the boost jumping. But what do I think about it? Well, I don’t really mind the Black Ops 3 movement system, and I do congratulate Infinity Ward for trying, but I just couldn’t get into the multiplayer this time around, and this is coming from a massive Call of Duty player. I consider myself a pretty good FPS player, but with Infinite Warfare, I just couldn’t nail down kills. I felt like I was shooting first but for some reason, always dying first. Now, the game has recently been patched and I do feel a lot of my gripes have been fixed and things are starting to feel a little more balanced. I’ll keep at it I guess and see how I go.

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So, what's changed within multiplayer? This time around you have Combat Rigs, which you’ll have six to choose from, three being unlocked from the get go. These are pretty much the same as the Specialists from Black Ops 3. Each Combat Rig has its own special ability called Payloads, that charges over time as well as a passive bonus called Traits. Then of course there are a large array of new weapons at your disposal. Though, similar to Advanced Warfare, each gun type now has a variant which you can unlock with Salvage. You can earn salvage a number of different ways as you play either via Supply Drops, breaking down weapons you already own or by completing challenges. Each different gun variant has slightly different stats than the others, so depending how you play, you might prefer a different version of your favorite gun.

Scorestreaks are back, though thankfully, this time around the scorestreaks don’t feel over powered. As for maps, the amount of maps on offer are about the same as Black Ops 3 with a range of close-quarters maps to some large open maps for you snipers out there. You’ll find all the usual game modes such as TMD, Kill Confirmed, Domination etc, as well as some new modes such as Frontline, a TDM variant which gives each team a fixed spawning area and your lifebar is dramatically extended.

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Zombies also makes a return, and a first for Infinity Ward. They’ve made it feel a lot more noob friendly to. This zombies experience is set in an 1980s themed amusement park. I admit, the zombies mode in Call of Duty games has never really been my cup of tea, and I personally would've rather have seen Spec Ops make a return from Modern Warfare 2, but Infinity Wards take on zombies this time around is fun with a ton of old school references spread out all over the place, along with some surprising, yet entertaining celebrity cameos. I’m lookin at you David Hasselhoff.

So, should you go out and buy Infinite Warfare? Well, just like every Call of Duty title before it, Infinite Warfare has a lot to offer right out of the box with multiplayer, zombies and a campaign that I highly recommend. Sure, the multiplayer for me was is a little disappointing, though my fingers are crossed it gets better, I think it’s worth picking up for a single player campaign that's out of this world.

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