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REVIEW: Dishonored 2 (Xbox One)

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Dishonored 2 is Bethesda’s latest release from Arkane Studios and set 15 years after the first game.

Dishonored 2 is a first-person steampunk stealth game set in a fictional city of Dunwall where technology and science are powered by oil harvested from a whale population that’s now being driven to extinction.

Unlike the first Dishonored game, you now get play as one of two characters. The first being Emily Kaldwin, daughter of the murdered Jessamine Kaldwin and of course the our good friend, Corvo Attano. Pretty much right off the bat, the empire is thrown into chaos as the Duke of the island of Serkonos along with a mighty powerful witch named Delilah stage a violent takeover. It’s right after this where you’ll have to choose whether you want to play as the Royal Protector Corvo, or as his daughter, the Empress Emily, where you must then try and escape Dunwall and unravel the conspiracy.

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As for gameplay, just like in the first Dishonored game, you’re able to take on missions and objectives a few different ways. The choice is really up to you. You can take the stealth approach by getting around in side alleys and roof tops or go in all guns (or crossbow) blazing. The combat system has been improved and refined since the first Dishonored and the difficulty this time around does feel a little more challenging. Dishonored 2's movement system is the real prize winner here. You’ll find yourself using the short-range teleport quite a bit, and don’t worry both Corvo and Emily have their own versions of this ability. In my play though, I went with Emily and some of her other abilities were Far Reach, which lets you catapults her into hard to reach places, Dark Vision, which lets her see through walls and track enemy movements, and Domino which lets you link multiple enemies together. Set one on fire and they all catch alight.

Now, while the abilities are fun, one of the biggest improvements is the game world itself. Compared to the first game, in Dishonored 2 there are plenty of buildings and alleys to navigate and search this time, and you’ll want to do as much exploring as you can if you want to collect all those shiny runes which are used to upgrade your abilities. You’ll want to make sure you do upgrade your abilities too, because the enemy A.I. are not idiots. Like I said, this game is a little tougher than the first, they will notice you if you’re not careful, I recommend keeping up high when you can, roof tops etc. There are also plenty of bone charms to collect. These grant modifiers and improvements to your character. You’re even able to craft your own bone charms.This can be done by combining whalebone with passive traits that are learned by dismantling the charms you’ve already collected from within the world.

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As for performance issues, I didn’t really come across anything that stood out other then at times, the game did struggle to render what was happening on screen and drop frames here and there, but nothing that hindered my experience.

So, the big question, would I recommend the game to anyone? Yes, I would. Dishonored 2 is a brilliant sequel to its predecessor delivering one of the richest and interesting game worlds in a video game in a long time. With plenty of different ways to approach missions as well as being able to choose between two characters, it gives you a good reason to come back and play through it again giving Dishonored 2 a big tick on replayability.

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  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Genre: Strategy, Action / Adventure, Action, Puzzle