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REVIEW: World of Final Fantasy (PS4)

Written by Keith Dang
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What can I say about World of Final Fantasy? For me it’s like Final Fantasy meets Pokémon! There hasn’t been a good Final Fantasy title for a few years; the last Final Fantasy I played was Final Fantasy Type 0 HD on the Xbox one, and that one didn’t really get me interested that much. But with Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, It is safe to say that World of Final Fantasy filled in the gap nicely.

You play as two siblings named Lann and Renn and they inhabit a world called Grimoire. You set out on a quest to try and find your memories and to try and find your mother. You'll encounter monsters from previous Final Fantasy games along your journey and they are called "Mirages" in the game and they are cute miniatures of the monsters in the previous Final Fantasy games you have played. You can capture them and use them in battles with you. Each creature has unique abilities that will level up and you can also evolve them, Pokemon Style. You can even ride some of them when you are miniature from when you are in combat. On your journey you'll encounter much loved Final Fantasy characters from all the other games, characters like Cloud, Tifa, Snow, Lightning and Yuna just to name a few. They will help you during battles as you can use them as summons.

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The game does something new when it comes to battles with a system called "Stacking"; depending on if you're in mini form or big form. That’s right you can change your size. There are literally hundreds of Mirages to collect each with different abilities. I got a sense of Nostalgia every time I saw something i recognized from other Final Fantasy games I've played.

If you've played the previous Final Fantasy games, this game play will come naturally to you, the menu screen is easy to pick up and you'll get a great little "How to Use" when you start or every time there is something new the game gives you a brief tutorial on how to use it. Battles are all time based and there is a meter gauge on the far left hand side of the screen letting you know when it is your turn to attack, cast spell or use a item. When you're walking around you don’t see the enemies and combat is random, there is a option to switch back to classic combat mode when you are in battle. The world is pretty linear and you can’t really go anywhere off the path that it has set you, although you can back track to areas that you have been previously.

The levelling system is based on Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid where your Mirages use AP to unlock certain abilities and once you've leveled deep into the grid you can evolve them to bigger creatures that you can ride into battle if you are using the miniature form. You can take and stack 2 Mirages with you are in a battle which will combine their skills and HP into one, a stack can be toppled when you have taken a few hard hits. When the stack collapses, you can attack individually with your Mirages but they won’t do much damage. When you are in "Roam Mode" you can have a Mirage walk around with you, these one's need to have their ability unlocked to do so, they can do certain things depending on the creature, some find money and some find items in random places. There are other sections which you unlock like the area and the room with the girl that can’t remember her name for extra guests. You can also pick up extra quests from random NPC’s which they reward you with items.

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The sound and graphics in the game are great; a few times I’ve hummed as I remembered classic Final Fantasy music which I thought was a treat. Graphically wise, I loved the way the world was done from the trees to the buildings, everything seemed to have a certain charm or character to it. The Mirage designs are also good; it’s like a cute version of the monsters from the Final Fantasy games. The banter between the two main characters I found were funny at times, but a few times I found myself rolling my eyes at how corny and dumb the comments were that came out of their mouths. But the voice acting was spot on but sometimes it was irritating.

The conclusion is, I found this game enjoyable and dare I say it's “Cute”, I hardly ever use that word. The dungeon sections are a bit boring and I didn’t find them really challenging and after awhile the battles get really repetitive. I also didn’t like how you had to go back to the beginning where you start or to buy items to replenish your potions etc, but the story is good and there's heaps of nostalgia for any die hard Final Fantasy fan, and it should keep you going till Final fantasy XV is released.

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  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Puzzle