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REVIEW: Here They Lie (Playstation VR)

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Here They Lie is a psychological horror game released for Sony’s Playstation VR from Tangentlemen.

After strapping on your Playstation VR headset and loading up the game, you’ll find yourself moving through some burning carriages of a demented subway train which sooner or later comes to stop at a beautifully detailed, post-apocalyptic train station. As you look around you notice a newspaper which informs you that a cataclysmic event has taken place, which explains why luggage and possessions have all been left behind.

The controls for Here They Lie were kind of awkward at first but over time become very comfortable. Getting around is handled by you looking around in VR, holding forward to move in any given direction and the right stick is used for additional quick turning, as well as quickly turning to your rear.

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Here They Lie has some jaw-dropping moments over its three hour story. After playing a few other horror based games on Playstation VR, I was a little worried that this would be just another horror based title only terrifying us with loud noises and other jump scares, thankfully this wasn’t the case. Sure, while Here They Lie did have the jump scares, it was also presenting us with a very unsettling form of horror that was pretty intense. The dark and gritty world the game puts you in sure has a sense of scale and fear while navigating your way around through the Playstation VR headset. Looking up at the tall buildings, is a really impressive feeling.

In Here They Lie you must follow a critical path, though along the way there are side rooms where you’ll find glowing boxes and drawers containing hints or clue like photographs which are accompanied by audio clips that will keep you thinking as you try and piece the story together. A nice little touch I did notice while wearing a headset was the little directional audio cues like a ringing phone giving you a clue to maybe go and check it out, or not depending how dark that area looks, you might want to think twice about visiting that area. I was expecting some combat during my playthrough, but there wasn’t any. Your only weapon is a flash light which you’ll find yourself using to light your way in those dark areas.

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As for the game's environments, while the world looks really detailed from afar, it’s a different story when it’s up close and in your face. Here They Lie also has a small focus on stealth, well sort of. I say stealth but really all you’re really doing is walking or running past hostiles while they have their back to you. No matter how close you are, they won’t notice you as long as they can’t see you and will only attack if you look at them.

Here They Lie is by far the best VR game I have played on the Playstation VR so far. The game does a great job of transporting you into one hell of a scary dark place via the PlayStation VR headset.

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  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Genre: Strategy, Adventure