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REVIEW: Hitman: Episode 6 - Hokkaido (PS4)

Written by Anais Riley
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The latest and final episode of the Hitman 6 part episode series takes place in Hokkaido, Japan. Agent 47 is tasked with taking down ICA traitor, Eric Soders along with his lawyer, Yuri Yamizaki.

Eric Soders is visiting a futuristic, high tech hospital on the cliffs of a mountain side in Hokkaido, where he is seeking an illegal heart replacement procedure. The hospital has modern elements with a traditional Japanese style. The building is scattered with stunning guest room, spas, surgerys and morgues. The hospital is run by an Artificial Intelligence, which includes all security and medical procedures. The robe you wear work as an access card and determines which areas you have access to so disguises are vital for making your way around the facility. Eric Soders is all prepped for surgery which means there are many opportunities to tamper with the procedure.

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Like all the Hitman episodes there's plenty of opportunities to assassinate your targets. It's easy to start pursuing one opportunity and then discover a different way and then pursue that path. Finding creative ways to assassinate your target is a lot of fun especially when the result is unexpected. In one scenario, I took control of the robotic arms doing the procedure which resulted in an amusing, gory death. Another scenario involved tampering with the replacement heart.

This episode was a lot less challenging than Colorado but had the same quality of the earlier episodes in the series. There was a good mix of exciting opportunities and areas to explore, there's even some funny bits in parts and throwbacks to previous episodes. I do continue to get disappointed in the continued lack of authentic accents in these destination episodes. Just like Marrakesh, the stunning and culturally vibrant atmosphere was let down by everyone having American accents. There's been clearly a lot of detail and effort to make these episodes mimic their real life destinations that it seems a shame to not take the extra step.

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The finale episode and wrap up of the season was a bit of a let down in terms of the over arching story. I was expecting a big story twist or cliff hanger but I was left mostly feel underwhelmed. Fans of the long term Hitman franchise may appreciate the story development more but the ending mostly left it set up for future content. Hopefully we discover more about Agent 47 in the recently confirmed Season 2.

In conclusion, I've thoroughly enjoyed playing the Hitman episodic series. Some episodes were better than others, notably the earlier episodes, Paris, Sapienza and the recent Hokkaido. If you're still unsure about the series you can still purchase the intro episode for a reasonably small price to get a feel for the game. As a whole, it's a good game but if you're not interested in the overarching story, then I see no reason why you would have to play the episodes in any particularly order. I look forward to Season 2 and the potential exotic locations it will take me.

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