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REVIEW: Moto Racer 4 (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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From my very first race I instantly remembered a game I hadn’t thought of in over twenty years, that being Road Rash.

For those who have never heard of Road Rash, it was an old school racing bike game, having you race and having the ability to hit other cyclists with chains to make them fall back, or fall off their actual bikes. Long story short, in my opinion Moto Racer 4 has some of those elements.

Moto Racer 4 is nothing more than an arcade motorbike racing game. The game has two sides, first it has an asphalt road bike section, and secondly it has a dirt trail biking section as well. There isn’t all that much to say about the gameplay for this, you simply hold down your accelerator, dodge other traffic, if it’s present on the track, and try beating your opponents with your fists as you pass them. If you just so happen to run into a car or truck, you’ll be sent flying sky high sometimes, which is funny to watch. Hitting your wheelie turbo gives you greater speed, but whilst using turbo other traffic is harder to dodge, and even taking really tight corners is a pain when using turbo.

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If you're playing on your own, the game has just four modes you can take part in. Hot Lap, beat the best time and have as many laps as you like, Time Attack, this is a three lap limit to beat the best lap time, Championship, here you’ll race multiple races with points based rankings, and lastly Single Race.

Career mode is the place to go if you want to play more than a couple of tracks that are unlocked from the git-go. Career mode is about winning, earning stars, completing challenges and earning XP. Prior to each event in advance you need to choose what place you’ll come, either 1st,2nd or 3rd.

Now as I mentioned in my intro Moto Racer 4 has some elements from Road Rash, instead of using chains to beat down opponents, you just use your bike or you’re fists. Passing opponents also either gets your rider giving them a thumbs down or pumping your fist in the air as to say “Up yours buddy!”

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Whether you're playing on road or dirt, each side has ten combo racers and bikes, with variants of each. You can, and will earn upgrades for them. There are four difficulties, Beginner, Intermediate, Pro and God. Loading screens aren’t short but not too long either. As for game options, they are limited to just audio volumes, controls and riding techniques.

Moving onto online racing. Moto Racer 4 didn’t impress me with it’s online features. There are only four modes to be played on either dirt or asphalt. The games lets you choose to play online with others around the globe, but also gives you the choice to play with friends in your own lobbies, was a nice touch, not that it saved the game in anyway. The modes for online were limited, very limited in fact. There is a quick join sort of option, where you can select the modes and either dirt or road, or both doesn’t matter.. I found selecting all options made finding a game that much quicker, still longish wait times but it was far worse if you only selected a few of the options on hand. Modes for online include, Golden Helmet, Last Man Riding, King of the Road and Single Race. The one mode I just couldn’t have any luck with finding a game with was Golden Helmet. There is also two player split screen, everything is much the same as single player, but with two players on the screen at one time.

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Moto Racer 4 didn't seem to push the limits visually on the Xbox One. Never is a game judged on just visuals but as it’s on current gen and PC i’d assumed it would look a whole lot better. Track’s vary from day and night, landscapes of forests and cities. Sounds of the bikes, well what can i say... mute the television as they sound horrendous. For unknown reasons the sound of the engines are ten times louder than anything else. I’d rather hear nails screeching down a chalk board.

Moto Racer 4 will set you back about 50 something bucks, and to be honest, there isn’t much bang for your buck! The game really lacked content, most tracks are locked until you play the career mode, even in the quick race mode which was disappointing. My favorite part of Moto Racer 4 was the trail tracks, there loads more fun, pulling tricks is easier than say on a road bike, plus the road tracks have far less jumps. I had fun here and there whilst playing but it only lasted so long before I was bored.

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  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Genre: Racing