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REVIEW: PDP AG9+ Headphones (PS4 & XB1)

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PDP or “Performance Designed Products” let us have a go at their Afterglow AG9+ headphones for PS4 and XBOX ONE.

Opening up the box presented me with a good looking set of wireless headphones. Although some in the office disagree with me on that, but it is personal preference after all. The AG9+ headphones are most certainly some of the more budget friendly on the market in their category, however they do offer good bang for your buck.

The headphones do have that “plastic” feel about them like most lower cost headphones do, but they still feel sturdy. I am undecided on the design of how the ear pieces light up though. Both outer parts of the ear pieces are covered in a clear plastic that shows through to the circuit board. This is lit up by an LED light hidden away in there.

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The light can be turned off which is good if you don’t like it, but in general I am not a fan of this look, it kind of makes the headphones seem cheap however, a plain matte black finish would have been a lot worse.

That said, once you put them on your head, they feel super comfy and you forget about the looks. Around the ears you have soft pads that sit neatly and comfortably, and up top you have an almost “mesh” looking material filled with soft foam that is just as comfy as the ear pads.

Inside the ear pieces are 50mm Neodymium drivers. These offer 2 different sound modes:- Pure Audio & Bass Boost.

Both modes work quite well. Playing FPS games I found that the pure audio setting works well with hearing what is happening around you and even footsteps could be heard fairly clearly. And for the rest of the gaming genre’s, I switched to bass boost. I wasn’t bombarded with bass and nor did I get any noticeable distortion at higher volume levels. That said, you can quite easily leave them set to pure audio for good and be happy.

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I was unable to run them flat after 5 hours of gaming with the LED on, so as for battery life, they certainly last.

The microphone boom is removable and does feature echo and noise cancellation when connected to the headphones. The AG9+ also features Speak Freely Wireless Chat. No more cords running to the controller for party chat!

The headphones are not Bluetooth and do require a wireless USB dongle to work. I kinda would have preferred BT in a lot of ways because the dongle does take up 1 of your USB slots on your console and BT allows connectivity to a range of different devices. Between the PS4 version and XB1 version, the main difference I encountered here was dropouts. On the PS4, I had not a single drop out. The XB1 version continuously dropped connection to headphones after about 5-7 mins of use which meant unplugging/plugging in the wireless dongle.

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This did eventually stop and I haven’t had an issue since, but I don’t know if it is just a hardware fault with the dongle or headphones, or a software issue between the console and dongle. Either way, it sucked.

The AG9+ Headphones overall are fantastic value for money. I have numerous sets of headphones that I use for gaming, and these outperform some of the more expensive ones I own. Battery life is great, they sit nicely over ears for long periods of time and are simple to plug in and use.

Aside from the XB1 issue, I certainly would recommend them to your casual/intermediate gamers out there but suited for eSports, they are not.... But they are also not meant to be.

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