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REVIEW: Swordy (Steam - Early Access)

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Do you ever have times when you sit down to play a game and then don’t really know what you feel like playing? I do. And for those times where you just can’t decide and have time to kill you can fire up Swordy.

Swordy is a physics-based multiplayer only game however, you can play with bots if you have no-one else to play with. You start off with your character (who looks and sounds like a neanderthal wearing a shirt) in a field or what is actually your training ground.

Here is where you learn how to play. There are no instructions per-se, but there are wooden signs that show you what buttons you are meant to press and what function they perform. It is a suttle way of teaching you how to play, but it works. That said, the game is super simple to play.


Once you are finished training, you can then head out to the map and choose which arena you would like to battle in. Once you start, it is as easy as running to a weapon and then start swinging! And that’s pretty much it. Simple. There are 6 game modes of play available... Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Champions, Team Deathmatch, Sportsball & Missions.

DM and TDM are pretty much self explanitory. Champions can only be played with other live players and unfortunatly, at the time of testing, I was by myself. Last Man Standing pretty much says it all & it can be played with bots. Sportsball & TDM were not available at the time of playing and Missions is... well... just that, Missions to play that helps add a bit more depth to the game.

Swordy looks like something from the Nintenro 64 era with all of its straight edges and polygons. The colours are bright and when you hit or get hit, the blood spatters in the colour of your shirt and looks like waterpaint on the ground.

The sound is simple and effective. Your character doesn’t speak, it just grunts and the weapons sound like you would expect them too. The music is a little repetative, but you can turn it down if it gets to you.


Swordy is a simple game with a simple goal... To have some fun. Playing with friends would certainly make it more entertaining and last a bit longer, but at least you have the option for bots. And the bots do offer some challenge too.

Swordy is US$14.99 on Steam US$14.99 on Steam for early access and at that price point, I think it is a little steep for a game such as this. Perhaps around the $10 mark would be better (especially for us Aussies with the exchange rate and “Australia Tax”). The replay value of the game is limited, and you cannot play without a controller of some sort. Overall I like the game, it is fun & easy to play, but just not a “long-termer”.

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  • Review Score: 3.8 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: Steam
  • Developer: Frogshark
  • Publisher: Frogshark
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Indie, Top-Down, Action, Early Access
  • Price: US$14.99
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