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REVIEW: Riders Of Icarus - Rangers Of Fury Update (PC)

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Nexon unleashed a new update to its MMORPG “Riders of Icarus” last month which is “Rangers If Fury”. If you haven’t played Riders of Icarus, it is quite simply a 3rd person MMORPG.

Riders of Icarus is a free-to-play game in which you explore a majestic and open world while taking to flight and fight on the back of your dragon.

Focusing on the Rangers update, you get a quite a bit of new content with this one. First off, you now have a new class available. This class is of course the Rangers. You also get a level bump to 50, new pets and a new desert zone called Cloying Wastes.


"Leveraging their skills with the bow and vambrace interchangeably, Rangers provide an invaluable service to the kingdom under the leadership of Crow and the Onyx Order. As special agents in the Onyx Order, Rangers are both revered and shunned as they carry out missions for the Kingdom of Hakanas. Flowing within each Ranger is the blood of the God of Ruin, making them specially equipped to track down and trace the power of Ruin. However, due to this affliction, there are those who are don’t trust the Rangers, forcing them to slowly come out of the shadows."

Rangers are a versatile class with the ability to master both long range and close quarters combat using the awesome new Vambrace. With the ability to focus on chaos skills the bow or the vambrace, you can master your ranger with a playstyle that suits you.


Focusing on the bow, you will of course be aiming to better your long rang skills. The Vambrace is the perfect weapon of choice for those that like to get up close and personal with your enemy while focusing on chaos give you the ability to heal allies and bring continuous damage to enemies.

The Cloying Wastes zone is playable once you hit level 40. It is a large desert zone with many dangers and secrets to keep you entertained for some time to come. You will also have new familiars to tame as your own.

These new familiars include the Panos, Poyo, Shakiba, Longhorn Bajarn, Matura, Trinoceros, Tolus, Vegarus and Voknos. The Cloying Wastes also include several new factions including the Griffin Knights, the Alseik guard and a town populated by ex-heroes.

There is a massive amount of new gameplay added with this update that should keep you entertained for at least a little while.

Overall Riders of Icarus itself is a fantastical free-to-play MMORPG and with the addition of this new update, it has added new life to the game. As an RPG fan, I think Nexon has done a pretty good job with the Ranger class in keeping with roots of what makes a ranger.

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