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REVIEW: Siegecraft Commander (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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Siegecraft Commander is a strategy based game brought to life by aussie devoloper Blowfish Studios. It supports both offline and online multiplayer which is based on real time and turn based styles.

Single-player campaign consists of two “Stories” both can be started from the git-go. The first one is called Voyage of Glory, it’s about knights on the hunt for treasure. The second story is called Crusade of Hope, it’s a sandy tribal kinda scene. Each campaign has many levels to complete and each will unlock after the other as you play through them. When the stories are being told, it’s through small cut-scenes and a storybook style presentation. It’s cute but it lacks a lot.

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It’s not a game with a lot of pace. It’s all about being quick on the defence while attacking any enemy that comes your way. This differs between offline and online play though. The game is broken up into three parts. Offline Campaign, Multiplayer and Commander. What happens when you play? How do you play? That’s easy! You build many defence and attacking buildings, outposts, armories and ballistas. There is a fair amount of stuff you can build to defeat anyone who shall go against you. Attacks can be done through close combat, but having an outpost too close to the enemies can leave you open for attacks that usually have you being defeated pretty quickly. Long distance is the best way, but you can be too far away to reach with TNT barrels, so you really need to strategize.

Visuals for Seigecraft Commander are pretty solid, they flourish with nice textures and are clear and crisp. You’ll see flowing rivers, lot’s of trees and mostly grassy landscapes. The soundtrack is serious with sound, and that’s likely due to the genre of game this is.

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The multiplayer for Seigecraft Commander is simple and small, offering gamers the sorts of modes from real time or turn based. You can create custom games and dictate the connection type & turn lengths. You’ll have five maps to play on and possibly more to come. Finding other players was quick and painless. Also multiplayer has the option of cross platform with PC players but that can be turned off.

I thought for such a small game that it might have a lot going for it, it’s not perfect but it didn’t fail me. My only criticism was the controls which were a bit touchy when using the left stick to position the direction of attack. I found myself over shooting or missing my shot due to the perfection that was needed to get a clean attack. It would have been good to be see the characters shown in different forms other then still images in the story book, but other than that, I’m also not too keen on such slow gameplay. Personally, I'm all about the action, but for gamers who are into strategy and turn based games you're sure to spend copious amounts of hours playing this title.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Genre: Strategy