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REVIEW: Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle (XBOX ONE)

Written by Brett Hale
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Those were the days... watching the classic series of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the 90’s. You know the 1993-1995 series, none of those other spin off reboot’s or whatever you want to call them! Then there was the of 1995 movie. Don’t somehow confuse that classic with the movie due out soon. Well good news, this game has only to do with the original series! Meaning it’s just the original power rangers you’ll play as! Isn’t that mighty awesome?

The television show wasn’t much for a story each episode. Mostly them hanging out in the diner, then kicking some goon’s asses and then battling as a giant robot. And this is the case for the game... You can’t base the game on that series and change it up right? As mentioned before, all the original Rangers are playable and you can even unlock Tommy AKA the green power ranger. Other characters you'll remember are your guardian Alpha 5, the face of the Power Rangers Zordon & that evil bitch Rita Repulsa even features in the game. My biggest surprise of a duo that I thought just wouldn't make the cut was the comedic Skull and Bulk. When they come into the game their comedic music even plays which I thought was a nice touch.


There isn’t much dialogue in game, and when there is, it’s displayed as subtitles along with a character picture of whoever is talking. it’s just a matter of pressing X to move past each.

Playing is as easy as you can imagine an arcade title such as this to be. There are a few buttons you’ll use for attacking, moving around and transforming into your Power Ranger suit. Movement isn’t just left to right, but also moving up and down the screen. It’s fair to say that as much as I enjoyed playing this game, it does become quite repetitive very quickly. Also there isn’t any difficulty setting, but the game isn’t overly challenging. If you happen to die, then you’ll be put back to the start of which ever level you’re currently on.

Prior to starting the game you're asked to pick a power ranger, either Red, Pink, Black, Yellow or Blue. Each character has stats, showing what their strengths are. There are a total of six chapters and each has three levels in each. After an enemy goes down they’ll drop orbs, picking these up is essential as some give you health which is a must have to carry on, the same can be done when hitting objects around that once they're destroyed they'll drop orbs as well. Now towards the end of each chapter you’ll have all power rangers combine their robots to make the giant robot from the tv show, you’ll need to shoot certain parts of that enemy then the last step is to hit a button prompt in the correct order quick enough to land a successful attack, do this enough and you’ll win.


The power rangers themselves look great and authentic as they did in there 90’s tv show. The game on a whole looks so much better than you’d think. There are a bunch of inside and outside areas to walk through and battle it out, and they're all fresh looking and vibrant. What would this game be without the iconic “Go Go Power Rangers Theme”? It’s happily in the game and I found myself singing along like I once did as a child. Music heard throughout all levels is fast paced, which when battling goons helps with the fast fighting style all rangers possess.

Bringing a classic kid’s show somewhat back to life I thought was great. I also loved how it didn’t tie into the soon-to-be-released movie which I’m not too keen on from what I’ve seen. It’s a fun title that isn’t all that expensive, and the chapters are set out over a decent time length that’ll take a good few hours to complete. So it’s a good bang for your buck! It does not support online multiplayer as it only has single player or co-op with up to three other players. Fans of the series are sure to fall madly in love with Mega Battle, and I can see myself playing it over and over every chance I get!

So Go Go buy this awesome classic to beat goon’s and battle as a giant robot all while humming or singing out loud GO GO POWER RANGERS!!! Don’t forget the guitar riff too!

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Age Rating: E10+
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Games
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
  • Genre: Action