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REVIEW: Tales of Berseria (PS4)

Written by Brett Hale
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Tales of Berseria is a part of the tales’ franchise. Its predecessor was Tales of Zestiria, which was about two years ago. I had the chance to review that game, so I knew what to expect from Tales of Berseria and I have to say that this title didn’t disappoint either.

The story goes, when Velvet (the main character of Tales of Berseria) was a young girl, she and her brother were saved by her older brother in law, when a night of havoc had occurred. Which caused a deamonblight to consume their village... Which also causes some other thing’s I don’t want to mention as it’s a part of the story.

After the start of the game, the game then moves ahead a few years ahead in time. Now Velvet is 16 years old. The story takes a few odd turns, but not right away. I really can’t really go too far into it without ruining the story.


Tale of Berseria is an RPG based game, just like the games before it. This series is one of my favorite games to play in the RPG genre as I really enjoy playing them. First thing first, camera angles and movement... both key to all games and some just don’t perform well. WelI I’m here to tell you both are on point! Not once would I get stuck on objects, or pan the camera around and get stuck/or go through walls. Also Velvet doesn’t just walk, she has a jogging speed when she moves around which makes everything better with all the running around you’ll do while playing.

Buying and selling is a part of the game like most if not all RPG games. Here it’s quite technical, so I really didn’t do much with buying and selling unless I really had to. Such items like consumables & weapons can be bought from or sold to stores. Not to mention there are areas you’ll be in with zero people, but areas that are populated will have the option to speak to you, and some are nice whilst others not so much.


Tasks can be done as well. There are two forms of saving the game, one being a bright icon seen in the game or two, a quick save option found when clicking the options button on your controller. Battling is what you do in Tales games, so yes it’s also featured in Tales of Berseria.

It’s a matter of pressing attack buttons, using a range of weapons you have and just kill or be killed. I tend to button mash when I play these sort of games and it works for me. It’s not hard to attack and defend in the game. After each battle you’re shown stats of that battle such as its grade, combo, damage etc. Prior to starting the game you’ll need to go through the game's settings and either change or leave them as they are, I myself don’t tend to play games with subtitles on, so doing as I do, I turned them off.

While it does stop subtitles and even though I chose to play the game with English audio not all conversations are heard but instead you read them, even when people talk it’ll still show dialogue either way. Game options are there, nothing special, just game difficulty, vibration on/off, and the usual settings. The HUD is simply, top left mini map to show where objectives are, and shops and other things. Press Square to open up the area map that’ll show the whole region you're currently in and lastly press R1 and this brings up on the top right objectives and event lists.

Now as you can play with either two languages, all voices in English aren't done by the people voicing in Japanese. I obviously went with the English audio, and it's just like Tales of Zestiria nothing gets lost in translation, it’s the only games I know of that are Japanese based and have great voice work in English.


Music overall is good. Nothing that drives you to anger from being repetitive so that's a bonus! Now I’m unsure if it was due to my setup or not, but my PS4 controller speaker is always set to the loudest volume, and once audio from game came through it I got a lot of unwanted echo so I just muted the controller speaker and I was good to go, again this just might have been due to the volume on it being too loud.

How does Tales of Berseria stack up visually? Really quiet good to be honest. Sure it’s not a top of the line blows your eyeballs through the back of your skull, but they are visuals you can admire and appreciate. Colors are bright and vivid, graphics cast great shadows. Actual gameplay graphics look good, but the cut scenes look even better. However as good as most of the game's visuals are it did fall short with some textures. For instance, some parts of the ground you tread upon look pretty poor as well as other things around, not too much, just here and there.

Tales of Berseria on PS4 offers both paid and free download content, there are about six free packs to download from the PlayStation store, and also on offer to PS4 owners are free PS4 themes. DLC packs include items such as costumes, skits and a range of other items. My thoughts overall on the tales’ games are they just get better each time Bandai Namco release them, and that's good for fans you get a quality game for the price you pay, what else could you ask for?

You’ll have to put a fair bit of time into it to complete the game, but I beleive it’s worth the time and effort.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.7 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Jan 24, 2017
  • Platform: PC, PS4
  • Age Rating: Teen
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Games
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
  • Genre: Role-Playing