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REVIEW: Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Headset (Xbox One)

Written by Stacefacemayhem
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Turtle Beach were the first headset I ever owned back in the day as a tweenie, so I was stoked to see the distance they had come when I was asked to review their popular batch of headsets. So here I am, not the greatest renowned tech head, so bear with me as I once again have a crack at a hardware review. Introducing, one of the official MLG Pro circuit headsets: The Turtle Beach XO Seven Pros.

Visually, the headset is immaculate. Ear Force XO Seven Pro’s are a sleek, black headset with green accents throughout. I instantly was drawn to it, as the colour scheme is very reminiscent of the retro Xbox, meaning they looked fierce hanging amongst all my other black systems. The earmuffs are decently sized with 50 mm speakers (thank god, I am sick of miniature cups) and like the headband, are covered in smooth, black pleather. Speaking of the headband, It too is padded out, which is a relief as many nights I’ve got an aching head from metal or thick plastic boring into my skull from competing brands, after long gaming stints. These are designed for the Pro Circuit, so the plastic is flexible but durable, and definitely durable in all the places that count. Believe me you want strong connecting parts, after slamming multiple headsets down over the years of disappointing matches and watching headbands separate from its proverbial (now dead) bodies.

It also features a detachable uni-directional mic, handy for transporting around, or more importantly, often or not those moments you don’t feel like communicating to your friends and you’d rather them NOT hear your rage quitting ramblings. The mic has a foam cover, which is a definite headset must, as it provides clarity and muffles background noise. You’d be surprise how many on the market don’t have this feature. Lastly cosmetically wise, you can customise the headset by changing the speaker plates magnetically sealed on the side. Many designs are available on their official website, enabling you to customise your look or rep your fave MLG team, in my case #GreenWall all the way.

Now these are totally plug and play. It’s as simple as having a controller with 3.5mm audio connection, however I suggest using the official Turtle Beach controller jack. The jack enables chat control and has volume mixers, as well as the ability to have game and mic preset buttons. These allow you to set sound based on room noise levels, a pretty nifty feature. Even as I write this review, I have conveniently plugged them into my phone, so I can listen to AFI on Spotify while I blissfully type away.

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So how’s the sound I creepily hear you thinking? Because that’s why we are all here. By no means are the Seven Pros the newest headset on the market but it definitely punches it’s weight with the other newer, big dogs when it comes to sound quality. The audio was crystal clear, whether it be hearing bullets fly past in a shooter, to the rustle of the trees as you creep through the grass of Tamriel. Equally important was the fact someone could talk to me, right next to me, and I didn’t even blink an eyelid of acknowledgment, not out of ignorance, the noise cancelling is just that good.

Now, select Turtle Beach headsets boast a feature called ‘Super Human Hearing’. If you press the Turtle Beach button, delicate background sounds are ‘amplified’. Are they really? To be honest, this feature had me the most sceptical, staring at the box with my eyebrow literally raised like I was some mutated offspring of ‘The Rock’. Despite this I was pleasantly surprised. While I wouldn’t call it ‘Super Human’ (an insult to all superheroes except maybe Batman... Ironman... let’s not go there) the sound difference was clearly distinct. At a flip of this magical, Turtle Beach button on the jack, minute background sounds were instantly amplified. Indeed, footsteps were louder, a clear advantage in online shooters, and environmental backdrop noises like in Doom added atmosphere. It felt too good to be true, however a quick experiment on Youtube proved it wasn’t just in game sound but all audio. My only critique of this mode is when activated it felt like the sound went slightly tinny, as if substituting power over quality.

Lastly, one of my favourite features is something as simple as mic monitoring. A rare feature to find in most headsets. This means instead of being that annoying, loud friend in party chats, the headset will adjust the levels of your voice to the surroundings, so now all you are is annoying. Believe me, I live in party chat, so this is a feature that is a god send.

So final verdict? Rocking in at AU$ 269.95, a company with more than 35 years of experience has definitely got a solid headset in the Ear Force XO Seven Pros. They have definitely replaced my old headset on the mantle. Turtle Beach again prove why they are one of the leaders in the headset game, and a force to be reckoned with.

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  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Turtle Beach
  • Genre: Hardware