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REVIEW: Anoxemia (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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You may have heard of Badland Games before, they've made cool games in the past like Olli Olli, and its sequel Olli Olli 2 and Anima: Gate of Memories. As good as those games were i don't feel the same way about Anoxemia for many reasons.

It's likely due to the many cons about Anoxemia I could poke a stick at, and that's a real shame. I'm a big fan of the puzzle sort of games, so when I heard Badlands Games had made one I thought hot damn! This is going to rock!! But the game fell so short and that really made my time playing totally not enjoyable. First, the game is like a parent that teaches their children to swim by simply chucking them in the deep end and saying you'll figure it out. Games that do this infuriate me to my core. Simple things like the games options are just symbols, as for things seen in the gameplay are also unexplained. The game is said to have 30+ levels but I found getting to that point requiring god like skills.

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Right out the gate the games quite difficult, and that's actually an understatement. It's fair to say Anoxemia is the side scrolling game of Dark Souls and Bloodboure. The effort needed to complete levels is near impossible with the amount of oxygen you have is far less then you need. This caused me to rage and that was only one of my problems with gameplay. Plants are spread out that you'll need to pick up as well as dynamite, it's how they're placed in the levels that drove me bonkers. It felt no matter which route I took, or how quick I was, I'd fail levels time and time again, over and over. What truly screws you is the level designs which have you getting stuck on objects and walls as well. Every second is crucial and one or two times getting stuck is enough to have you dying.

Anoxemia claims to be a sci-fi horror, but I failed to see the horror side of things. Yeah the games under water and most levels are dark, but branding it horror isn't fitting to the game. Most things can kill you, falling rocks from dynamite you've set off, the dynamite itself if you're too close when it explodes, EMP’s can even kill you, depriving you of energy and oxygen. But that's not all, underwater mines and gases can have you dead in seconds.

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Though the game is narrated, there isn't a good direction of what to do. The word to best describe Anoxemia is Impossible. It has a “story” but it's yet something else poorly executed.

Would this game be the one for you? Do you like a game with a lot of challenges involved? Do you have a lot and I mean a lot of patience? Do you rage easily? So many questions I know, but to be honest it's certainly going to have you a tad pissed off at some point, but if you can play and not feel how I did, MKAU would love to hear from you.

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  • Review Score: 2.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Developer: BSK Games
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Action