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REVIEW: Forts (Steam)

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Put simply, Forts is the game you never knew you needed in your library. Forts is a physics based, tower building type game that combines engineering prowess, strategy & lots of fun.

From the get-go, you can jump straight into sandbox mode and play on any map with a pre-built tower or start from scratch. There is also a campaign mode that doubles as your training on the different aspects of Forts. Forts is an easy game to get to know and play, but with a difficulty curve set just right so you don’t get bored with it or finish it too quickly.


When done right, physics-based games can be super fun, but when they are not... well they are just painful. Fortunately, Forts is done right.

So basically, as the name suggests, you build forts. You will have limited ground area to anchor your fort to and from there you build and out. Sometimes I found myself just seeing how big I could build my fort before it fell over.

Inside your fort when you start will be your reactor. This is your energy source and you must protect this at all costs. If you do not, you will come to your demise in a nuclear explosion. There are 3 different materials to build your fort with... They are 2 types of wood and 1 metal. 1 type of is wood is structural only and the other is structural AND allows weapons to be placed on them. Metal is a stronger version of the second type of wooden beam. You also have metal beams which act as doors that open only when you fire. These doors help protect your snipers and gunners. Beware though, upgraded snipers can shoot through metal doors.


So to build your forts, you need resources. You can get your materials from placing worker mines and mine storage and you get your energy from wind power and battery storage. The good thing here is while you do need resources to survive, the game is not mainly focused on resource gathering, but rather use it as just another element to the gameplay. As you build up and out, you will need to call upon your engineering finesse and prowess.

In addition to your building materials, you have ropes, sandbags and energy walls. Ropes will attach to pretty much anything which makes hanging platforms and balancing your tower easier, and the energy walls will protect you against most bullets. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really find a use for the sandbags. Maybe I wasn’t using them correctly, but they are supposed to aid in stopping bullets also.


Your weapons consist of Machine Gunners, Snipers, Lasers, Heavy artillery and Guided Missiles. You can upgrade your weapons to make them better and stronger, but I do recommend keeping a few machine gunners as just that rather than upgrading them to mini gunners. Machine gunners, when left alone can take out incoming heavy artillery which is very, very handy.

Placement of your weapons is key. Spread out gunners make for good protection against incoming artillery and missiles. Mini gunners are best up front while snipers are best up high behind closed doors. Your snipers not only snipe, but also act as the targeting for your guided missiles. Heavy artillery need to a clear shot angled upwards and guided missiles can be placed anywhere they can shoot straight up.

The game is simple, fun and challenging. Everything a game like this should be. There are some things I would like to see added like more weapons and/or more upgrades, but bearing in mind my review is based on the pre-release build, Forts still has a lot of potential for add-ons and extras. This is certainly a game worth grabbing for your librarygrabbing for your library.

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  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: 19 April 2017
  • Platform: Steam
  • Developer: EarthWork Games
  • Publisher: EarthWork Games
  • Genre: Strategy, Action, Puzzle
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