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REVIEW: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Continuum DLC (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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It’s that time again, where Call of Duty fans get their fix of four brand new multiplayer maps and a brand new Zombies story to play. Those who play on the Playstation 4 consoles get Continuum a whole 30 days early over PC and Xbox One with the deal that Sony has with Activision.

This time around we get another remade map from Modern Warfare 2, that map being, Excess a remake of the classic map, Rust.

Excess (AKA Rust from MW2)

It’s as fast paced as I remember it being when I played it many moons ago on Xbox 360. This remade map feels unlike any other remade map Call of Duty has ever made. Even the remake of Firing Range on Black Ops 2 looked totally different but the layout felt familiar, Excess on the other hand felt like a totally different lay out even though it’s the exact same, just visually different. But that’s not calling it out on being a crap map, it’s a map I loved playing. Excess is a rooftop map with a roman age theme, having almost every surface marble, along with statues placed around the map. The map has a couple of rooms to either hide, camp or a safe place to reload. Snipers aren’t forgotten or shunned in this map, with high vantage points smack bang in the middle of the map. Excess is small though, with the few corners making it perfect for campers. More times then I could count, I would run around a corner only to be all up in someone's barrel and having my face taken off. Because of this, people tend to corner camp, but this didn’t happen in every lobby. Other means of getting around Excess is by using the few pipes, either choosing to run along the top of them or running inside some of them instead. Excess has no hazards on the map besides jumping to your death off the map itself.



This map almost has it all. I mean, i’ve never ever played a COD map with so many styles put into one map. I’ll list the many areas you’ll be running though. Mind you, this falls into the category of a three laned map. You’ll be inside of a library, food court, gift shop, garden area, court yard, art gallery, security office, storage/loading dock,a room that's hipster art looking and lastly a room with a giant shark coming out of the ground. It sounds like too much but having many styles in one map truly works for Archive, and it isn’t like they put all these areas into a small map, this being what i’d call a large map. Play styles will depend where you are on the map. I recall a particular area where mofos would hide and snipe people off left, right and centre. Whilst other rooms catered for campers with pistols and assault rifles. It seems as if interactive maps are a thing of the past as I quite like those sort of things being in the map, sadly Archive does not have anything of that nature.



If the world ever runs out of space for junk, we now know the moon will be a good choice to move our junk to. Scrap takes place on the moon, and planet Earth can be seen in the distance. It’s a somewhat darkish map, though it’s not to be compared to a night time map. As it’s called Scrap, you can tell it’s covered with bits of junk here and there along with rooms and machinery. It’s a medium to small sized map and it’s the only map in this pack to have hazards, and there right next to each other and can be heard from far away. These are two massive sized grinders, and the only way to die from them is to jump into them, which is hard to do by mistake. Scrap is my by far favorite of all four maps, just because it takes place on the Moon, and the overall map was fun to shoot it out on.



This map is down right beautiful. It’s a futuristic spa resort set inside a skeleton of a creature. It’s yet again another large map and has many corners and open areas indoors and out. There is flowing water that goes down the middle of the map as well as a lot of water features inside the buildings. One thing I can say about this map is that it’ll have you lost at times. Tarista is another three laned map that caters all styles of play, breaking it up evenly. There are parts of the map where enemies can go that can be hard to see them, and when you do, it's far too late. This seemed to be the case in the middle of the map where the water flowed.


What’s a COD map pack these days without including Zombies with it? What’s that you’re over zombies? I myself am too, well sort of... it depends on the game, but COD has won me back with Zombies on Infinite Warfare. Now the newest movie zombie DLC is out and it's titled "Shaolin Shuffle". It’s a Zombie flick set in the 1970’s, and I mean it’s true 70’s style, from the tunes to the zombies. Since the first Zombies DLC, the characters have moved on and found themselves in the 70’s era in New York City which is populated with the undead. Shaolin Shuffle starts in an underground New York subway, you’re mission is to find four switches hidden around the map to get the power back on and then the game of Zombies really takes off. Infinite Warfare's Zombies are the first to make me feel as if I know what I need to do instead of running around aimlessly thinking WTF do I do? Google search.... Every two minutes.. Which is the main reason why i’m into zombies on COD now.  

2 call of duty infinite warfare continuum dlc
Key thing’s Zombies allows are as follows. You can purchase revives because when you die you’ll go to a gaming arcade area where you can play random games and return to zombies when you choose. As do all other zombie games in COD, to unlock doorways you’ll need cash, you’ll also have a deck of five cards that are your "Fate or Fortune" cards, you’ll need to raise the bar to use them by killing zombies and spending cash. There are a ton of these cards at your disposal. Now, as you progress through the zombie map you’ll go through different sorts of areas. These include rooftops, courtyards and the streets. As noted before this is set in the 70’s and zombies fit the part well wearing their 70’s treads, rocking big ass afros and there are even ones on roller skates.

So what are my final thoughts for Continuum? Great news!!!!! I loved this pack. The maps were great, nothing disappointed me, and giving us a great zombies story really helps. Nothing is worse than paying for a pack and not being happy with it. Bringing back a classic like Rust was a bonus, but nothing beats brand new maps. Let’s hope the goodness continues to come with the remaining packs. And for you gamers out their on other platforms, it won’t be long before PC and Xbox One players will get there hands on the Continuum pack.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.8 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Infinity Ward
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer, Action / Adventure