Wednesday, 10 May 2017 13:45

REVIEW: Creativerse (PC)

Written by Nicko Cloherty
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Has Minecraft finally met a worthy competitor?

After many years and unfortunately seeing many companies fail, we might actually have a game that can compete with king of sandbox games. Creativerse is one of the newest free to play games to hit PC and being featured on Steam is giving it a massive head start over most games that have tried to compete with the sandbox style gaming that we all hate to love.

With the world we live in today, most people are calling this a Minecraft clone but is that true? Well yes, but in saying so the creators of this amazing game have brought a tank to a gun fight and that means we should be seeing a lot more updates and content being produced by makers. So lets get down to the features of this little creation. 

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Easily connect and play with anyone, with all hosting managed by Playful whom are the creators of the game. Play privately with friends in your own world or join a public world and meet some new friends. Start your own custom public worlds and build your own community; further tailor it with admin tools and land claims.

High quality textures, dynamic lighting/shadows, and animations across a dozen surface biomes create a rich, vibrant world to explore. Subterranean biomes offer unique environmental challenges, a variety of creatures, and increasingly rarer treasure, making the journey below full of twists and turns.

A cast of colorful critters, a customizable avatar tools and more than 400 unique blocks and items further enhances the experience. A mountain of materials, tools and customization options let you shape not just your own world, but your own stories within that world.

Advanced tools include machines and wireless circuitry, blueprints with step-by-step building instructions, block rotation, a world map, simple recipe-based crafting, teleporters, and more. Their publishable adventure system puts your creations at the fingertips of millions of players across the globe.

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Create your own adventures and mini-games with custom checkpoints, dialogues, creature spawning, and block manipulation — tell your story. Bring people directly into your adventures by posting links to them online.

Playful have really gone above and beyond with what they have provided and are already planning to bring this to other platforms, adding a creative mode but unfortunately are not considering an offline mode yet. In all honesty after only 3 hours of playing the game I fell in love with every little detail that has been put into the game and I can not find anything bad to say about Creativerse apart from small things, such as not having amazing render distance, but with this only being released yesterday, that’s only something minor.

Whether it's the cute but ferocious animals, the love to build and destroy stuff or your thirst for adventure, Creativerse will not disappoint like similar games have before.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Playful
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Misc, Puzzle