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REVIEW: Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island (PS4)

Written by Brett Hale
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As of late there has being quite a few 3D platformers out, Yooka-Laylee, Snake Pass and the soon to be remaster for Crash Bandicoot. Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island is being released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Skylar & Plux is the sort of 3D platformer I love and it feels like the originals such as Ratchet & Clank, Croc and the Spyro games before Skylanders started.

You’ll play as Skylar Lynxe, she's one cool cat that’s agile for jumping around but she'll have gadgets to help her on her way. She’s followed by Plux Owlsley, he’s a bird that doesn’t do much other than fly and talk. Skylar & Plux reminded me of Snake Pass, where you played as a snake and a bird who would follow you around, though the bird in Snake Pass could and would help you out if needed, half the time I totally forgot about Plux, deeming him useless. However the story is about the prevention of the CRT (Bad Guys) from taking over both Skylar and Plux’s new homeland, and ruining it. You’ll need to get three giant coloured balls known as "fuses" to save Clover Island.

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Clover Island is a big place, and is broken up into different areas. The central hub is your typical looking island, it’s sunny, surrounded by water, complete with waterfalls, sand and grassy grounds, with wooden buildings and walk ways. The other areas you’ll get to explore come in the form of a big ass factorys with conveyor belts, and platforms with lava looking liquid and lasers. Then there's a section where it’s covered in snow, while another area is like a canyon sort of terrain. There are computer terminals around that allow you to fast travel between areas much quicker than if you were to run to each. There are many ways to get from one point to another, from big green bouncy mushrooms, tree branches, elevators and moving platforms.

There is no difficulty setting, and due to that the game isn’t hard at all, though there will be times of slight frustration when getting past the final part of the game. Skylar and Plux is just a single player game, the purpose is to run around and work your way around the many parts of the island collecting yellow and orange shards that are used to free caged elders. Other ways to collect shards is by smashing wooden boxes/pots that can be found everywhere. To smash boxes/pots or to kill enemies, you’ll need to press the spin attack button, on the PS4 this was the circle button. Controls are taught at the start of the game when you're escaping, and you’ll be shown everything in a quick walkthrough.

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Now as mentioned before, enemies are around but there isn't a lot. Some shoot big missiles while others shoot bullets. Then there are the small annoying computer boxes that’ll swam you. Now Skylar is pretty good at jumping around and fighting off enemies, but she cannot go into the water, this will have you losing a life. Water isn’t her only weakness, most thing’s like lava and quicksand will also have Skylar in a jam. When you lose all your lives, you’ll restart at your last checkpoint and those aren't all that frequent. Each death, or when going to a new area, and even before a cutscene, will prompt a loading screen, but there pretty quick.

How does Skylar & Plux live up visually? Well... it doesn’t look too bad, it’s quite average if i’m being honest. It's a fun looking 3D platformer with all sorts of different areas, each having there own looks which breaks the game up great. It has a real classic platformer look, and all cut-scenes are cartoon animated that look pretty cool. It has a very non existent HUD which will only show your health in the top left in the form of hearts, and top right shows shards collected and caged boxes of elders you’ve freed.

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One sore point for the game was that it didn’t have much excitement in it. It’s not really filled with many enemies, except in a few areas, so the quietness is almost all the time. Plux will talk and other characters will too, but I think more action and enemies would have helped this factor. It isn’t all about jumping around and collecting. There were a couple of puzzle solving moments that were a bit of a challenge, but I thrived for more. And damn it’s a short ass game. I clocked it in two hours and I wasn’t even rushing through it.

If you’re a lover of 3D platformers, Skylar and Plux is short but enjoyable. Sure it could have been a tad better, but it’s still fun even if it’s something you get for the kids.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Right Nice Games, Grip Digital
  • Publisher: Grip Digital
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Adventure, Misc