Tuesday, 30 May 2017 11:40

REVIEW: Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Written by Keith Dang
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Minecraft is a game that needs no introduction, and the retro looking new age game is now ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch isn’t the most definitive edition of the world’s most pixilated sand box game. It’s properly not the most advanced version out there as well, but playing for the first time on the Switch I found that the graphics aren't as good as the more advanced systems like the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One versions with the 1080P visuals. The plus side of owning it on the Switch is the portability of it. You can detach it from the docking station and play it on the go or from the comfort of your bed or sofa.


But never the less, this is the Minecraft we all know and I presume love. A retro looking pixilated game where you create, craft and survive in a square edge blocky world. In terms of the basic gameplay, there isn’t much of a difference playing on the switch. You do the same thing as you would do on every other system or version. I found that it doesn’t matter if you play it as a digital construction kit, survival sim or just something you play to waste a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

The interface tutorials and on screen tips make it easy to play. I found that every time I played Minecraft, it’s mostly challenging, mostly frustrating and tedious was survival mode. The weather system looks good and will have you wanting to go exploring more, but it’s nothing new if you have played Minecraft on another platform. The build in auto save function is handy as you don’t have to worry about having to save your progress letting you enjoy the game.


It is also worth mentioning that you can have up to four players that can play together on the one Switch console. I mainly played it on the control pad which works well. The camera angles might get annoying sometimes but you can always rotate the camera using the left and right triggers on the control pad or the joy cons. I found the game was easier to play in overhead mode rather than first person as I could see more, but that again depends on the individual. Minecraft is a good single player game, but you can also enjoy playing it with other people as both online and offline multiplayer is available to use with up to four players locally and up to eight players online.

As for replayability, there is a decent amount of extra content, Survival Mode has a in game achievement system similar to that of the Playstation and the Xbox’s that can be unlocked when you complete certain tasks. There is also a number of pre existing worlds that are already in the game that you can play and get into right away. I found the Mario one really good which also has the Mario themed music playing in the background which was a real treat.


The in game music is almost memorizing with slow tunes, along with sound effects when you are gathering things or crafting are very generic. The background sounds like dogs barking and birds singing often take you away from real life when you are playing. The graphics, as you can imagine are typical big squares and pixilated, but they are very sharp and bright on the table screen of the Switch. I actually preferred playing on the tablet screen rather than on the TV or monitor.

Overall, while other high end systems have the better graphics and resolutions, the switch version gives you the option of playing it on the go and in beautiful 720P. It also has a option where you can go to the Nintendo online store to play extra content. The controls are responsive with using it in tablet form.

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  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Action, Adventure