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REVIEW: Impact Winter (PC)

Written by Simon Hayward
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From the Indie Developers Mojo Bones, Impact Winter is a Survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world 8 years after an asteroid collision that's ravaged Earth's population and buried the planet in a form of an ice age. Your character; Jacob Solomon is the leader of a group of survivors holed-up in a remote church trying to survive this desolate world.

Starting your journey for survival you receive a radio transmission stating help will arrive in 30 days, you and your fellow survivors must band together to survive those 30 days! Exploring the snow covered landscape, you have help from Ako-Light, your robot companion that is equipped with helpful tools to help scavenge for supplies. Back at your home base; the church, you have fellow survivors that can craft upgrades for Ako-Light, base improvements, along with other items that can help you be better equipped out in the harsh ice and snow covered environment.

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Impact Winter is what you expect out of your Survival RPG games with the similar premise to other games like Don't starve or This War of Mine. With a very beautiful look and feel to the atmosphere, the game really sucks you into the world that the developers have created. When traveling through this snow covered environment, ice caves or abandoned buildings, you can really appreciate the details that went into creating the environment, story and characters. The music for Impact Winter will blow you away on how well it fits into the overall journey throughout game.

Just like other survival RPGs, you have to make every decision carefully with limited supplies, food and water. This forces you to travel further and further away from your home base. Luckily you can make small camps when traveling out into the outer areas of the map. Upgrading them is an option and a necessity, same goes for your home base. Micro managing is a must to survive when looking for supplies and completing missions that can be given to you by fellow survivors in and around the void. Missions do play a strong part of the gameplay with interactions to the story-line for characters and the overall situation to the game. By doing so can help upgrade your character and have the ability to lower the timer for your rescue.

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Gameplay can be a little annoying when trying to use the keyboard and mouse, with recommendation to play it with a controller. A recent patch was released resolving most issues but you can really tell they want you to use a controller. Loading times on the other hand are incredibly longer than they should be for a fully released game, but the developers responded that it will be fixed in a upcoming patch, with the last patch resolving most of the underlined issues for mouse and keyboard support. With Community feedback the developers have comeback with positive fixes because you can tell they put a lot of effort and detail into the game to make sure that the world of of Impact Winter is a long lasting one.

Mojo Bones has done a beautiful job in making a in-depth, story rich game with detailed environments and a amazing soundtrack of ambient sounds to compliment the overall theme. Fans of the Survival RPG genre can find the enjoyment in this game baring in mind of the issues that are currently present. But I look hopeful in diving back into the world of Impact Winter.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Mojo Bones
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Genre: Strategy, Action / Adventure