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REVIEW: Injustice 2 (Xbox One)

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Netherrealm Studios is back, this time with Injustice 2 bringing back some old fighters from Injustice: Gods Among Us as well as some new ones from within the DC Comic universe.

Netherrealm Studios have jammed packed so much content into Injustice 2 that you’ll never be scratching your head looking for something to do. Right out of the box the game includes a Story mode, deep Character customisation, the Multiverse, Online mode and of course, offline play. Let's start with the Story Mode.

The Story Mode in Injustice 2 is nothing short of amazing. The game takes place about 5 years after Injustice: Gods Among Us, with Superman incarcerated leaving Batman and anyone else that’s loyal to him, trying to mend the world in the wake of the first game’s events. You start the game by playing as Supergirl who’s stuck in the middle of the conflict forcing her to make a choice. She needs to make the ultimate decision on who to side with, Batman or Superman, which of course, this ensures the Story Mode must be revisited afterwards or at a later date if you wish to see both endings of the game.

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The roster in Injustice 2 includes 28 characters out of the box. You’ll see the return of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, along with some new faces such as Black Canary, Captain Cold & Supergirl. The Story Mode is split up into chapters, with each focusing on a specific characters, very similar to both Gods Among Us and the recent Mortal Kombat entries. The Story Mode won’t see you play as every fighter on the roster, but it does have a nice pace to it and is very entertaining and lasting around 6 to 7 hours.

For anyone that’s played Injustice: Gods Among Us, from the moment you start playing everything will feel very familiar in Injustice 2. The bread and butter of the combat system still focuses heavily on combos and juggling. The Meter System is back and is used pretty much the same way. As you fight and fill up your Meter Bar, you can use portions of the bar to pull off your characters very satisfying super move or use some of it to wager in a “Clash”. It can now also be used for players to recover mid-air or roll out of the way of harm.

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Injustice 2 now features a loot system known as the Gear System. All the characters in the game have separate levels. To level someone up is simple, use them. Every fight you complete earns experience which in turn leads to new and better gear to equip. This then allows you to take on harder events for even better gear.

The online multiplayer is where most people will spend their time. The online side of the game includes ranked and unranked modes. And of course, King of The Hill makes it’s return. This game mode has become something of staple for NetherRealm and allows players to queue to fight the titular King. The rules are pretty simple, whoever wins, stays, and the loser is bumped to the end of the line.

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Something else that’s new is Guilds. Guilds allow you to play Injustice 2 as part of a team. You and your friends can earn extra rewards as your Guild completes certain challenges. You and your Guild can even participate in group fights against other Guilds with all results recorded on the Guild Leaderboard worldwide.

Now, the Multiverse. Here you basically participate and complete objectives and missions within Multi-verse mode. These missions range from beginner to advanced in difficulty and are constantly updated. Events can last for as little as a few minutes or can stick around for days, so we do encourage players to return to see what’s new. Every time you complete something, you’ll earn credits and other currencies along with Mother Boxes. Mother Boxes are the game's version of loot boxes. Inside these boxes you can win new gear for your fighter like a fancy new utility belt for Batman, a just a new colour scheme.

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That’s a lot of stuff packed into one game, but what really makes Injustice 2 that little bit more special is the graphics. Excuse my French, but holy shit this game looks amazing. Injustice 2 has some of the best looking facial animations I’ve ever seen in a video game. Even the backgrounds are so well presented, they almost look like they are jumping off the screen. All this along with some outstanding voice acting, really brought an incredibly immersive experience that made me wanting more.

Injustice 2 really does tick all the boxes. NetherRealm have once again done such an amazing job of bringing the DC universe into the fighting game space. Injustice 2 will keep fans engaged for countless hours with everything it has to offer including the those ongoing missions and events in the Multiverse.

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  • Review Score: 4.8 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: NetherRealm Studios
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Fighting