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REVIEW: God Wars: Future Past (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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In 2014 first known as Project Code: Tsukiyomi but later changed to God Wars: Future Past, the game is a tactical RPG exclusive to the Playstation 4 and PS VITA and published by NIS America.

The story starts 13 years prior to when you actually start playing, and the events are an insight to what happened, the Queen of Mizuho sacrificing her daughter Sakuya to a mountain. This isn’t much of a spoiler as it happens right at the start and it’s just the epilogue of the game. The game has you traveling through many locations, the most notable would be Fuji. You’ll start the game controlling three characters, a girl called Kaguya, a man Kintaro and a bear called Kuma. Kaguya and her friend Kintaro must escape Fuji and get answers for why Tsukiyomi made her sacrifice.

There is however fourteen playable characters in total, all which can be customized with 30 job classes, 400 plus skills to use and more than 250 items of equipment.

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Onto gameplay, how does it stack up? It’s your typical turn based RPG, with lot’s of conversations, small battles and searching for loot as you go. Being victorious in battles earns you XP and currency which can be used to buy and sell items for your characters. There are three difficulties to play in easy, normal and hard. As it’s just based on battles they can become repetitive. Obviously the main part of God Wars is the battles, and well, there not that complicated. Prior to starting a battle you're shown two outcomes, if you're to be victorious you’ll need to eliminate all enemies. To lose the battle, all allies are to be eliminated by the enemy. The battle conditions differ from battle to battle and you’ll then need to select players to take part in the battle and then it's game on.

Now how battles work as I said isn’t complicated, but there are factors that come into them. For example, depending if your face to face, attacking from the side or behind, all deals different damage amounts. Also depending on if you are on the same level or attack from a lower or higher position on the map. This will factor on the amount of damage you’ll do to enemies. When using magic this isn’t the case, moving around requires selecting who you want to move, and then moving into the allocated squares that are highlighted. If you aren't able to move close enough to attack an enemy physically you can use magic, or you can just defend or stand by for that character's next turn. If you move to a square next to an enemy, you can attack them with either magic or a melee attack. What's odd about the game is battles and anything that isn't the world map, or a cut scene takes place on just a tiny area that's surrounded by nothing as if it's a small room, if you went out of it you'd fall into an empty computer world. There's so many small things that are also involved in battles but I won't mention everything, but it all works great together.

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There's a world map you’ll navigate through, this is where you’ll access the shop to buy and sell, and choose where you want to go next. It’s oil painting in appearance and has both a top and bottom border of the television screen that's screaming with colour and great design that includes a large bird with smoke and bamboo leaves all entwined together.

The term that everything is Japanese traditional related isn’t taken lightly in the game, the artwork is traditional ink painting with wood carving art as well. The game can get quiet colourful, from pink cherry blossom trees even character attire. The creators of the game wanted to really put players into an experience of the mythology and wonder that is God Wars. At the same time the game isn’t nice visually all the time. Some parts can look dated and tacky, but when it came to cut scenes they mixed them with the dotted comic book visuals along with cartoon animated cut scenes like the manga films. Now I was playing on the Playstation 4, so you can expect that if you are going to be playing on the PS VITA thing’s will look less nice due to resolution.

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Audio on the other hand won’t change much between versions, both offer audio to be heard in either English or Japanese. Music is oriental, very traditional flute and melodic sounds that create a nice sound to listen along to while your playing. People talking isn’t just heard but also shown on screen as well, and some voice acting is better than others. When it comes to the game's HUD, in battle it can appear overwhelming, it takes most of the bottom of screen, showcasing player stats, jobs HP/MP numbers and on the right of screen all players you have in the battle.

So what’s the verdict? Buy this or not? Playing on the Playstation 4 it worked great, I have no complaints besides some of the long conversations that dragged on some of the time. How this would perform on the Vita, I do not know, but it's also available on that aswell. The artwork is quite nice, but being that it’s turn based can get you doing the same actions over and over. Sure the areas don’t look the same but the moving around doing the same attacks stays the same. It’s a fairly fun game, it’s just a matter of if you’re a gamer that likes turn based gameplay. So personally i’d say it's definitely worth picking up if that's how you like you’re games.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: 23rd June 2017
  • Platform: PS Vita, PS4
  • Developer: Kadokawa Corporation
  • Publisher: Kadokawa Corporation
  • Genre: Action