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REVIEW: DiRT 4 (Xbox One)

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Codemasters continues to prove they are the king of rally games by releasing their latest installment taking their already robust franchise to the next level with DiRT 4.

This time around, DiRT 4 turns the volume up a notch by adding in random elements to your races, such as other AI that have crashed, helicopters above kicking up dust, and even your co-driver reading out turns wrong. It’s a game all about learning your turns and being able to adapt at a the drop of a hat.

In DiRT 4, you’ll never run out of things to do. This game is jammed packed with so much content. First up is Career mode, here you’ll be able to manage your facilities and team by recruiting staff like engineers, PR people and more. You’ll also need to secure sponsorship deals which will land you bonus cash while you race. Once you’ve got your team and crew ready, it’s time to start racing.

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Some of the race modes you’ll be taking part in are Rally, Land Rush, Rallycross, and Historic Rally. Rally is a point to point race where you must sprint to the finish line and takes place over a few different road surfaces. Historic Rally it’s pretty much the same deal, though here you race in classic rally cars. Rallycross events are track-based where all competitors take to the road at the same time, fighting for first place. And last of all is Land Rush, this takes you to dirt type tracks and in all kinds of vehicles like buggies, trucks and cross karts.

Now, while you won’t have Ken Block teaching you the ropes, if you do feel like you need to practice a little first, Dirt Academy is the option you’re looking for. Here you’re able to go into free roam and slide around a track sweeping past tyre walls or drifting under trucks. It’s perfect for getting a feel for how the cars handle in and around the tracks.

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Now if you’re like me and are really bad at sim racing games, then you’re going to love this next feature, I know I sure did. If you find sim racing games hard to adjust to then you can switch the gameplay to ‘Gamer’ difficulty. Once in this mode, everything is a little more forgiving, but there’s still enough of a challenge as every bump and turn can still offer its own dangers. Though, you still have the option to play in Simulation mode if you want, and still includes all the usual car options like messing around with brake sensitivity, suspension, traction control and much more.

In Freeplay mode you’re able to set up your own generated championships, altering track complexity, length and elevation, set the weather, set the time of day, then once you’re happy with your selections, you can start. Tracks are also spread across a few different places, such as Australia, Sweden, Wales and the USA.

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DiRT 4 is by far the best looking game Codemasters has released to date. Every location and track in the game looks amazing. Fallen leaves cover the sides of the track, the mud and snow slowly building up as you race over multiple tracks. There is even some pretty impressive lighting and weather effects. Stages can look very different depending on the time of day. Even more so if heavy fogs starts rolling in or rain beings pelting down.

So is DiRT 4 worth picking up? I found myself really getting into this game. After a few games and getting the feel for the cars, I felt unstoppable mastering all the turns. DiRT 4 is an easy to play rally game with a ton of customisation options depending on your skill level. Codemasters have managed to pull off what most racing games don’t which really sets DiRT 4 apart.

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  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Genre: Racing