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REVIEW: Valkyria: Revolution (Playstation 4)

Written by Staceface_Mayham
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I love a good RPG. It’s the bread and butter of my gaming life. Yes I dabble in other styles, but it is never the true love I get from a good role playing game. I sink hours into these style of games, so how did Valkyria: Revolutions hold up?

Valkryria: Revolutions is a Japanese action RPG developed by Media Vision with SEGA, and part of a once successful series. Set in the past and narrated by historians, this tale begins in the thriving, steam punkish continent of Europa, where the precious mineral ‘Ragnite’ has been discovered. Why are the surrounding countries in the grips of war and turmoil over this precious commodity may you ask? Well it unlocks the ability for humans to wield magic and use alchemy. Like every Japanese story there is a beautiful and busty princess, and Princess Ophelia must protect her country of Jutland from traitors, enemy mechs and the atrocities of battle.

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Now while this sounds simple enough (because that’s how I understand it?), the plot is very complex and well, long winded. At the opening, it was a good hour almost into watching cutscenes before I began any sort of gameplay, and boy was there a lot of talking to lay the foundations of what led to this great war. The historical backlog of cutscenes are so longggg, it just takes so much time getting into any real action, that by then you just don’t care about the plot, which sucks because at times there is some real cool, in-depth, political agendas being pushed. Too real and relatable..right?

The gameplay is quite collaborative, requiring you to select a brigade of 4 characters for you to utilise as you tackle each mission. As there are so many characters to choose from I found it hard to distinguish them from one another or to build any sort of memorable connection or fondness. The game modes are sorted into story, free, offensive and defensive missions that are essentially the same bag of tricks. Gameplay is all the same and quite repetitive. The formula is pretty simple, and becomes very similar quickly into the game; storm an area, wipe out the enemies, defeat the boss; lather, rinse and repeat. While the missions generally aren’t creative, the way you tackle each can be actually quite fun.

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Once you pick your team for the mission you can upgrade and customise their load out. Putting points into certain skills will level up what type of alchemy spells you can use. Want to be a pyromaniac? Put them into fire, want to bend gusts of air like avatar? Well wind it is. Levelling skills will enable you to load your characters up with a ‘battle palette’ of spells, grenades, medicines, ranged guns and melee weapons. These can also be upgraded as you earn experience and that sweet moolah.

Once you have planned each person’s arsenal and what approach you want to take, you finally get to brawl. Now the battling is a strange mechanic, it is similar to turn base, but also very not. You can order your squad to do certain moves, pair up or program them to follow their own devices. I somewhat enjoyed that you could cycle through each character just to feel their style and to see how much gear they had left. Wait too long to check on them if you let them do their own thing and you’ll swiftly find them plum out of mana or bullets. The only controls that were a slight annoyance was the sloppy cover and hiding system, making it hard to hit certain enemies at times.

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Graphically, the characters have exquisitely detailed costumes and the environments have a nice splash of colour, but it is nothing mind exploding. With deceptively linear environments lack in any real detail, this game visually looks akin to so many I have played before. When games should be rising to the top, before is not a good thing.

Anime games are normally my jam, but not this time. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy most of the gameplay when it was time to fight a boss, but it just took way too long to get to each of those points, that when we did get there, I just... didn’t care. Despite all this, Valkryia: Revolutions has some RPG elements despite not being very RPG-ish, and some turn based fighting that isn’t very turned based, plot soaked to the point it could induce a migraine, and sadly seems a little lost. It would probably make a good movie though???

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: 30th June 2017
  • Platform: PS Vita, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Media.Vision
  • Publisher: Sega, Deep Silver
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Action