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REVIEW: Diablo 3: Rise Of The Necromancer DLC (Xbox One)

Written by Staceface_Mayhem
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As the unholy stars aligned with the 20th anniversary of Diablo, Blizzard heard the call of the dark and insidious masses to give us the lord of the rotting dead ... The Necromancer.

‘Rise of the Necromancer’ is the newest add on from Blizzard Entertainment, and from conversing with the gaming community it has been a long awaited and highly anticipated addition.

Now if you know very little about Diablo 3, feel free to read a colleague’s review (LINK), however it's pretty much a fun as hell, dungeons crawling, top down RPG. Taking on hordes and wave after wave of undead, demons and monsters, until reaching the ultimate boss and one of my favourite final acts, the diabolical, fear inducing, Lord of Terror himself, Diablo.

Now first thing right off the bat as a consumer, what you deserve to know is that this DLC is ONLY a character, a few cosmetics like a pet and some wings (but they do look dope), 2 stash and character slots. At a flabbergasting $21.95 for Australian buyers, should you the gamer, hand over your hard-earned cash? The character itself is a thing of beauty. Depending on who you pick, he/she is definitely designed to be the master of all things blood, bone and decay. In no way has Blizzard cut corners on this one, The Necromancer is beautifully rendered with all the gothic trim, bells and whistles. While you don’t get to see these cosmetics in game because well your character is tiny, I often marvelled in awe up close at the detailed, eerie armour sets of my character in the menu, each time I changed them.

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Gameplay wise, it is still also incredibly fun to throw everything you got at your enemies. Diablo 3 has always been about bold, bright and extravagant attacks, and ‘Rise of the Necromancer’ is no different. With one character, it is crazy the different directions you may take your build. Be a corpse commander, summoning the recently defeated enemies to fight for you as an army, exploding their bloated bodies or my favourite use the bones of the dead from the newly included cadavers to spear assaulting enemies in a ranged onslaught. Be the bone warrior, using the necromancer’s weapon of choice, the scythe, while wearing the bones of your foes as an impenetrable armour. Or lastly, wield the power of curses, decaying the ground, sapping the life force from the living around you. Just make sure you manage your essence (your power source) or you may find yourself in a bit of a predicament. I literally was mucking around with different combinations as well as the newly added passive skills for a long time, each one cooler than the next, each one customising my own style of play.

Whether it be travelling through the campaign or trawling rifts with my die-hard friends, The Necromancer does have some lines of dialogue but it just isn’t enough. Whilst adding a new character is cool, Blizzard in no way has fleshed out this poor little bugger. Yes, they are there to restore balance and all that jive, but no story, thoughts or real motivations are even insinuated for these very vague references.

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Now, it’s not my cup of tea, I’m not into competitive gaming (I’m a watcher, not competitor... I’m a pussy) but the challenging rifts was an innovative idea. Utilising a weekly leader board now, you can challenge each other to have the best rift clearing times. New bounties and zones like the foggy depths of the Moors and the twisted Temple of the Firstborn can now be explored adding more depth to the world of Sanctuary. Which if you get the Patch 2.6.0 you will have access to without paying for the additional character.

Final thoughts? For a pick up and put down player It would almost feels as if the patch is bringing more to the community than the ambiguously titled ‘Rise of the Necromancer’, which is just a cash grab from Blizzard. A seasoned player, or historically loyal, Diablo fan will still cringe at the price but relish in the strikingly fashioned character and exceptionally well developed skills, attacks and armour sets. While it feels like a win/lose situation, I can’t falter in the fact that one small new character has got me hooked right back into Diablo 3, with no signs of slowing down.

***Post note: Read here for The Necromancer’s backstory ( )

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