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REVIEW: Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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NIS America along with Nippon Ichi have created a super fun and somewhat fast paced game that’s in 8 BIT form and it’s all about kicking butt in the form of many dungeons. Cladun is a series that was popular on the PSP but it's hasn’t seen the light of day prior to 2011. But in 2017 it has transformed well from PSP to the PS4.

Cladun Returns is set in Japan’s Sengoku Era. You’ll simply start the game in a mysterious place called Arcanus Cella, the point of the story is to visit dungeons and to just kill anything that moves and to unlock doors to find the dungeon exits that completes the stages.

Before you get to play you’ll need to create your character. There is quite a few things you’ll need to decide. First male or female, hair colour, then a job type. There are seven job types Samurai, Magician, Merchant and four more. Each job type has it’s very own stats so decide wisely. Next you’ll need to choose a dialogue pattern there are eight to choose from but it doesn’t really matter which one you select as there no audio dialogue instead all conversations are displayed on screen. Creating a character is a quick process. But before you're even asked to make your character something pops up asking how you’d like to hear your BGM, but i'll talk about that further down.

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When you're not fighting through dungeons, you’re able to run around freely in Arcanus Cella. There is plenty to do though some places are off limits until you achieve max level of 1000. There is a store to buy and sell at and there is a large number of NPC’s to talk to some haven't much to say but the place doesn’t feel lifeless.

Dungeons are filled with a few dangers, such as traps, sorts that will shoot arrows and many other thing’s you don't want to be hit by too much as it’ll kill you. Besides the traps there are other strange creatures and beings, giant spiders, big soldiers and I even saw a huge fish and flame looking beings that spit stuff at you. Another part of the game is magic, and it’s not a task easy to understand I practically just winged it with my sword and shield in my time playing. Controls are easy press ‘X’ for attacking with your sword and left stick for moving around, all rather easy. Now I said traps will have things that’ll attack you, but even walking through some bushes will slow you down which sucks if you're being chased by an enemy or two.

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Upon completing a stage, which only take minutes unless you happen to be killed you’ll earn money and XP. As you play more and more dungeons you’ll also increase your player level. There are 
plenty of chapters which have stages in them. Once a chapter is finished a EX stage is unlocked which is the same chapter but a much harder version. When you can access the shop to buy and sell which isn’t far from the start of the game there was a lot of weapons and artifacts and armour to purchase then I thought there would be. So there is a good reason to visit the shop! Most items are cheap, though some items have a much higher price tag.

As I mentioned in my intro, Cladun Returns has 8 BIT visuals, they're colourful and clear and the many dungeons you’ll go through all look different. Some have stone walls, bushes wooden floors along with other materials that make some dungeons cooler looking than others. When selecting a stage the background has a map it’s dull but you’re only going to spend a second or two to select the stage you want to play. Another visual point to mention is the game's HUD. It displays a few things such as HP/SP information as well as your player's current level and attack and defense stats. You can even change the game's font style, smooth which is a bold font, or pixel, which explains itself.

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Now onto sound. Well I said prior to creating a character the game will ask how you’d like your BGM, BGM is background music, and there are two ways to hear music retro, and modern. When asked the first time don’t think well what if I don’t like the option you chose, it's okay because the games menu allows you to change back and forth at anytime. There is a noticeable difference between the two options. Retro, as you can guess is old school. Think of the sounds you heard whilst playing Tetris lots of beeps and boop kind of sounds and that's the retro option. However modern is what I went with because it has proper sounding music but some gamers might prefer sticking with retro.

There is a co-op mode but it’s not unlocked right away you’ll need to reach at least chapter two before it begins to unlock. Co-op supports 1-4 players. There are three co-op modes. Each mode can have up to 4 players but it’s not forcing 4 players to able able to play these modes. 1. Make a team verse a boss they must kill. 2. Face each other and 3. Complete a dungeon together. Playing the game alone is good, but having a co-op option gives you two ways to play.

Cladun Returns is available on both PS4 and PSVITA. It’s a game that’s not time consuming. Levels take no time to complete and once you complete chapters you can try the harder version for more challenges. It’s a tad bit cheaper then most games and the size of the game is roughly 437MB so HDD space won’t be affected. I enjoyed playing Cladun Returns and i’m digging the 8 bit visuals.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS Vita, PS4, Steam
  • Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Action