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REVIEW: Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Absolution DLC (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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It’s been three months since Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was treated with four new multiplayer maps and brand new Zombie location, but now Absolution has arrived first on Playstation 4. Absolution is a pretty decent map pack, the four maps all give a different experience and one map most COD players who shot it out on MW3 will certainly love and remember.

First up, the 4 multiplayer maps. Let’s get the map everyone who ever played MW3 out of the way. It was the map formally known as Resistance which was set in Paris, France. Being a remake the layout of the entire map is the same. However the name has a slight change, now called Ember and it’s a fitting name for the map. But as it’s been many years since i’ve played MW3, it took a couple of matches before I could remember it as it was in MW3 with a completely different theme. Infinite Warfare's take on the map is brilliant, there isn’t a map that has this theme. The appearance of the map it old town, you’ll see gallows as well as a torture room.

There is old tech mixed with some modern tech. It has some open and closed areas with some tricky corners to take cover. It’s a map that has games moving fast even when it’s played with just six players in a Free-For-All match. There are some spots to wall run but as the original was set in the days of boots on ground, it's mostly still that way. They kept stairways but you can boost jump up to higher vantage points.

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My favorite map of the four had to be the map Fore, and it’s a sort of pun as the map takes us to a mini golf location. It’s mini golf but the map isn’t mini at all, and it’s a three laned map with multiple themes. One section is a old but new looking medieval castle with some wooden fences with archery targets, along with a small dinosaur skeleton with some dino eggs in a nest. But it doesn’t stop there, also appearing in the map is a tiki area with some big and small tiki’s spread around. But there's still more! The eatery section is a fun but a very tiny area with some shops with giant ice creams, giant walls made of cake and lollies and there is a donut. Another area of a different theme is an egyptian tomb looking section.

The final two areas are the mystical forest which has tall trees with eyes. A part of this area isn’t just the trees but a small village, the biggest section of the map is the temple part the map on a whole has a lot of high windows and stairways. I loved how it plays as if I was playing different maps even though I was in one huge map and is broken up nicely. The only shame in this map is you can't actually play any mini golf. Being a large map it’s still okay for Free-For-All, but the modes that cater for more players causes more up close action a lot more then in a six player game.

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Everyone loves sunny days, me on the other hand I like my maps in all sorts of terrains and having different weather conditions, so in the case of weather, Permafrost the map says it all. It’s freeze your nuts off combat, or nipples doesn’t bother me. It’s a daytime map which has freezing cold conditions in Chicago. This is a medium sized map, it’s a three lane map with tight gun fights. Whilst running around you’ll see the snow flowing through the air while also hearing it. You’ll run through parts of what use to be roads where pipes and rhubarb and broken up rocks are all exposed.

Well if you venture down to the lowest part of the map you’ll see this. There are office buildings you can run through and take a window to flank others who may be running in the open outside. The key places in the map are the theatre, a train station not everywhere is accessible. For instance, the large cliff of ice is a no go zone, jump down if you don’t believe me. It’s a well designed map, I only wish they did it as a night time map it would have really popped!

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The last map for this review is Bermuda. It’s also set as a three lane map, but it’s small and getting shot in the back was a regular occurrence. Bermuda takes place on the water in a shanty place it looks very much the same no matter where on the map you are. There is a fish market, whats for sale? Fish, rabbits, sharks and a good ol’ kebab.. I could really go for a kebab.. Anyway! I said it’s small but it’s not the smallest map in Infinite Warfare.

There’s a bar, an engine room, a dormitory. It’s a map that has quick gun fights and there is plenty to look out whilst running and gunning, but be aware that there are hidden dangers in this map so be on the lookout for those.

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Now for Zombies: Attack Of The Radioactive Thing. I was impressed with the last zombie map (Shaolin Shuffle) which was set in the 70’s. Absolution brings an even better zombie map titled ‘Attack of The Radioactive Thing’ it’s set in 1953 on a fictional beach in California, United States of America. It’s totally B-Grade, with a humongous creature which is the radioactive thing AKA Crogzilla. But that isn’t all obviously, zombies are a big part they also look from the 50’s due to their hairstyles and clothing. So be on the lookout for a giant creature, the insane zombies and how could I forget the mutant frogs which are called crogs, those things are powerful and aren’t easy to kill, especially on your own, also making an appearance are crog brutes there even harder than the normal crogs, luckily both crogs and crog brutes don’t spawn every round you play.

Attack of The Radioactive Thing is introduced by none other then Elvira, she's the one in black with the BIG boobs popular since the 70’s to present. She's played by Cassandra Peterson. The four playable characters are back, in there brand new personas. This time around there in the form of a soldier, scientist, rebel and school girl. In the past there has been one zombies map that was in black and white until power was turned on, in ‘Attack of The Radioactive thing’ the game starts in black and white which I thought set the B-Grade 50’s theme, it’s really not far from the start when the game transitions into full colour. Zombies come in all forms, male and female and there are even 50’s soldier zombies that when shot and killed sort of explode into green mist. The gameplay is like all others, kill anything that isn’t human and save up those bucks to open door ways and to buy better guns and of course ammo as you’ll run out. When killing zombies some will drop items from full ammo, cash and different types of grenades. This map is very big. Just when I thought i'd seen it all I was in a brand new area. From the beach to the streets, there are shops and other types of buildings you can go into, one even has Elvira inside that you can sort of talk to. The visuals pop, and is heavily appealing and is the 1950’s all over.

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And what’s a zombie's map without those cool ass easter eggs. If you keep your eyes open you’ll notice a few quite easily, others will be heard.. But thats all im saying.

There is a shit load of weapons, and some pretty awesome ones, if you have enough cash to purchase a randomized weapon at any working magic wheel. I managed to pick up some bio spikes from a zombie and those are pretty much one hit kills. Downed zombies will leave behind at times, insta kills, among other helpful things to rid zombies off into their non existence. To turn on the power, you’ll need a missing handle. There are steps you’ll need to take to do so, but the joy of zombies is figuring those steps for yourself, or with other players, so I won’t be helping is that case, sorry! And if you want to get the Double-Pack-A-Punch you’ll need to work with Elvira and of course you’ll need to defeat the Radioactive Thing!

I had a fair few goes playing solo but once I got to scene 5 or 6 the crogs would come out and I was killed fairly quick. So I advise playing with friends or random online players as you’ll get further and hopefully finish completely. If you haven't played zombies with others it’s all about good communication and don’t drift away from others as if you get downed by a something your out of luck.

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  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Infinity Ward
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer