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REVIEW: Hunting Simulator (Xbox One)

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We’ve seen quite a few simulation games in the past few years, Farming Simulator, Truck Simulator, even Goat Simulator, and now Bigben Interactive have released their latest simulator game, Hunting Simulator.

Hunting Simulator puts you into the shoes of a real life hunter. Now, while Hunting Simulator doesn’t really have a story mode as such, it's campaign focuses more on shooting ‘game’ and bringing home the biggest and cleanest kills.

The first thing the game asks of you is whether you want to complete the tutorial or skip it. Personally, I suggest players complete this as it teaches you the basics, such as how to track and then follow the trail of animals which is VERY important. If you can’t work this part out, you’ll only find yourself wandering around aimlessly until you happen to just come accross the animals you’re meant to be hunting.

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As you start on a map, you’ll see that tracks are highlighted in-game and on your map. Each level will have you focus on one main target that you’ll need to go after along with one or two other bonus kills that you can go for or just ignore. It’s totally up to you. Just as advertised, this is a simulator game and Hunting Simulator is no different and can be a rather slow paced game. You’ll have to take a lot of things into account such as creeping around so that prey isn’t scared off, weather conditions, wind and even the wild life itself.

Controls are straightforward adding nothing new to a shooting type game. As you play, after a while you’ll start to unlock the many different weapons and tools required for you to become the ultimate hunter.

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There is a Free Roam mode, but this will put you up against many different animals that you simply won't be able to take down because you don’t have the correct gear or weapon calibre, so it’s recommended that you go through the campaign section first before hitting up Free Roam. Using the wrong calibre on your prey will only ruin the kill earning next to no points. 

So how does the game look? To be honest, Hunting Simulator is a pretty nice looking game. The outdoor environments around you are beautifully rendered with some cool lighting effects shining through the trees and grass. When you spend too long on the same map, you’ll notice that the game will transition from day to night, and at night let me tell you, it gets pretty hard to see. Which is good I guess, it is a simulator after all and i’m sure hunters hunt at night, so it does do a great job of having you experience what it would be like to hunt in the dead of night.

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The game's sound design is also pretty good. As you hunt you’ll hear animal noises alerting you to any potential kills. While you’re being very, very quiet, you’ll hear the peaceful ambience of the wind and leaves around you. As for the animals themselves, they aren’t stupid. If they hear, see or even smell you, they’re going to scatter, if they do, you’ll have to look for new tracks and start all over. There is a small threat indicator towards the top of the screen that will move and get bigger if animals around you are aware of you, but it is sometimes kind of hard to see. Also worth noting, different types of animals do have different ranges of vision, sound and smell. It is a simulator game after all, so all this really does make your hunting experience even more authentic.

So is Hunting Simulator worth your time and money? Well the real question is, do you like simulator games? If so, then yes. Hunting Simulator is a must for any fan of the simulator genre. It’s a great looking game all while keeping the hunting experience as authentic as possible. On the other hand, if you're not really into these kind of games, you might find the pace of the game a little slow. Either way, Hunting Simulator does as advertised.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Neopica
  • Publisher: Bigben Interactive
  • Genre: Adventure, Simulation, Sports