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REVIEW: MXGP3 (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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Here's a motocross game that was published by Milestone, who has worked on many bike games, some good, some not so good, such as MotoGP, Ride even a few rally car games. MXGP3 fit’s in with the not so good games.

MXGP3 is the third of the franchise. It’s all about racing bikes, but it seems to be missing something. I’m a big racing fan when it comes to video games, I’ve never got into playing bike games though, as the physics seem different compared to when racing in a car. Controls in MXGP3 aren’t bad, but at times I felt they were playing against me. Not only do you steer with your left stick, but the right stick is needed at times for leaning your body into tight corners. Braking and acceleration is done by using your controller triggers. When messing up mid race, rewinding is something that can be done, I didn’t really use this feature to much though. Auto-save is present, and the game supports both single offline play as well as online multiplayer.

The game’s main menu is simple. Here you can access the games store, customization section as well as single player and online multiplayer. There are also four AI difficulties from easy all the way to realistic.

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There are 18 tracks in the base game. The game will take you all over the world, from USA, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain among other locations. Weather conditions are apart of the game, from clear skies, cloudy, rain and wet tracks. It’s good to see that weather is apart of the racing and it's also in real time. Even when playing on an easy difficulty I found keeping up or even getting ahead of others was a real struggle. This was the case for Driveclub on the PS4, which some time after it launch they finally fixed the issue, so hoping this is the case for MXGP3. Some issues I faced whilst racing were minimal but still worth noting. When going into corners that had deep track marks, I found myself forced mid turn into a direction that would send me turning around or off track enough that i'd be auto reset onto the track resulting is losing several positions. Hitting bales of hay is like hitting a brick wall stopping you dead and most of the time forcing you to fall off your bike. Other riders can also fall off their bikes as well as you if you happen to collide.

There are 50+ real life riders featured in the game along with two bike categories, MXGP and MX2. MXGP bikes range from 175cc - 250cc with 2 stroke engine while using a 4 stroke engines, the beefed up engines go as high as 290cc - 450cc. MX2 on the other hand are 100cc - 125cc for 2 stroke and 175cc - 250cc on 4 stroke engines. There is a wide variety of bike brands from Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki.

A major part of the game is it’s customisation to both riders and bikes. Let's start with rider customisation options. You’ll get to name your custom rider along with nationality, skin tone and rider number and team name. Appearance changes include helmets, boots, suits, goggles and neck braces. Each has a brand to choose then you're given a lot of colour options. Everything has a price and that's displayed in the top left. Now onto Bike custom options, almost every part of your bikes can be changed. Foot pegs, clutch cover, graphic kits, spokes, brake cables, but that’s just the start of bike options, even handle bars, hand guards and exhaust can all be changed. Changing anything on your bikes can increase or decrease the bikes handling, speed, braking power and acceleration.

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Events for single player are OK but nothing special. Grand Prix is just a single race, chose a track, bike and rider and off you go. Time attack is a mode where you try setting the fastest time for which ever track you select. Compound is the place to go if you want to mess around or attempt to master the controls of the bikes. You can go off track but be aware, trees are everywhere and hitting any will have you coming off and spawning in the middle of more trees.

The Monster Energy FIM MXoN is just five tracks. Simply choose a country to race as and pick a rider from that said country and race! Championship is a 18 race event around the world. You can have it so you race the default selected tracks or change them to ones you want to race but either way the object is to win as many races to be crowned the champ!

What’s a racing game without a Career mode? MXGP3 has one and it’s not too bad. First pick a sponsor, and then it’s the road to being a champ! You’ll take part in many races spanning a moto career.

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There isn’t much in online multiplayer, either quick match or create match also online leaderboards. Between both online options have the same modes from grand prix, MXoN race and championship. Settings are a little different between the two from AI difficulty, laps, bike physics, collisions off or on, weather conditions and some other settings. Gameplay when played online isn’t different from offline, loading times are the same and so is everything else.

MXPG3 does suffers from long load times, which would be understandable if it was one of the best looking games out, but it’s not. It suffers from poor graphics, it has sand and dirt tracks, but they don’t have you thinking much of them. Barriers run alongside some of the tracks, and there are small and big jumps, along with bumps and tight corners, but it doesn't bring much excitement when racing. Some tracks had a haze/blurry look at times and before each race when shown the racers all lined up it also had a haze effect on screen. Even weather conditions don't improve the game's visuals to much. The HUD is basic, showing players laps, player position and your rev counter, but all these things can be turned off in the games options. Cash earned is displayed bottom right of screen when outside of races. Music is the one thing I have nothing negative to talk about. It’s a mix of tunes including Dubstep.

MXPG3 was a game I was keen to try out, ended up being something I didnt' really enjoy playing. It has more custom things for riders and bikes then there was tracks and events, not to mention the game's AI being equal one moment and ultra hard the next. I would only recommend someone to purchase this if they were fans of the first two.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
  • Publisher: Milestone S.r.l.
  • Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports