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REVIEW: Astro A10 Headset (Xbox One)

Written by Staceface_Mayhem
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Whether you're a fan or not, when you hear the name ASTRO, you know we are talking about the big guns in the gaming headset industry. Notorious for being an expensive taste, renowned for quality sound and celebrated for their comfort and style. In saying this, it seemed a logical business plan to develop a budget version for people like me, who frankly don’t have AU$400 dingo dollars laying around for A50s. Welcome the A10s! ASTRO’s newest and more affordable headset, but are they still the high quality the name boasts and has worked so hard to uphold?

I like a headset that matches my equipment as I have mentioned before I am a bit of a tech snob, and as I frequent my Xbox for reviews and collect its hardware, the very dark grey headset with green accents was a nice design feature. They also come in red, or blue accents (perfect for PS4) which is admirable quality as rarely do you get options for lower priced headsets. The frame and headband is made of durable but flexible plastic-coated aluminium, the boom mic can also be twisted and manipulated well, and after accidently sitting on it and it springing back (thank god), this is one headset made to last. Also included is a 2m volume cord with a volume control, so yes, they are corded, I personally prefer that, as I hate, hate, hate having to stop to recharge something.

Comparing the ear cups to the A50’s there isn’t much size difference. Yes, the A10’s are a tad smaller in size, but were still ridiculously comfy and compared to other brands that make my ears ache chronically, I happily sat and watched a whole season of Project Runway on Netflix as I tested them. The comfort is down to ASTRO sticking with their custom memory foam and silky felt designs to really cushion those ears. They also have decent sound isolation, with much background noise cancelling out, meaning very little distraction. My only critique is the cushioning on the headband needs to be a little thicker because after a long stint it began to dig into my head, as I like to wear my headsets tight and hugging my skull.

Aesthetics aside, how was the sound? Chatting with friends was crisp and clear, but on a negative (and probably my biggest negative) that is a given, as this headset cannot balance game and chat levels without dicking around in the Xbox menus. All you hear is your friends yelling over each other while you are trying to capture flags on Battlefield 1 and feel the frustration rise as you don’t hear your enemies’ footsteps as you get axed in the back. A pretty important feature lacking if you play a lot of multiplayer or co-op. A feature I did love and was pleasantly surprised was included in a budget headset was the flip to mute functionality of the mic. It was as simple as flipping the mic up out of your face, which is perfect for lazy people who like me don’t like having to be interrupted by looking through menus or a fumbling around the cord looking for the switch.

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When out of chat, whether it be merrily gaming away, watching tv, or listening to music on a device such as your phone, the sound was surprisingly good. They state that they are ‘Tuned for gaming’ with ASTRO audio and with their 40mm drivers, there is little I can complain about with their claim. While I admit I had low expectations for a cheap version, and by no means is the sound as dynamic as the A50s, they did have had a pretty successful crack at supplying quality. You can hear little details clearly, it just ever so slightly lacks some bass. Is it the best quality on the market? no, but it is high for competitors in the same price range.

A Mixamp M60 accessory is also available for purchase for an extra AU$40 and offers controller mounted voice and game balanced controls at your fingertips, however we did not have this available to review and to be honest if you are after an inexpensive headset it's not really needed.

Overall, ASTRO have well and truly delivered the goods. For a jaw dropping AU$99, these headsets are economically designed for comfortable, visually appealing, and for the price range has astounding audio. If you compare these to competitors on the market at the same price, there is no real competition. The only last thing to say is..... Welcome to the Astro Family.

Tech Specs

* Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHZ
* Supports stereo sound
* Supports voice chat
* Distortion: <3% at 1kHz
* Characteristic SPL: 104db+/- 2dDB at 1kHz
* Microphone: 6.0 mm Omni-directional microphone
* Nominal Impedance: DC impedance 32 ohms
* Headband Pressure: 4.5N
* Wight without cable: 346 grams
* Connection: 3.5mm Pole Jack
* Drivers: 40mm Neodymium Magnet

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Astro
  • Publisher: Astro
  • Genre: Hardware