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REVIEW: The Golf Club 2 (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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The Golf Club 2 is a serious golfing game developed by HB Studios that have worked on games since the days of the Playstation 2. They mainly focus on sporting games from rugby, hockey, basketball and even cricket. Golf Club 2 is a sequel to the original game back from 2014 and I’m not going to lie, i’m not much of a golfer in real life but I seem to be alright in the virtual gaming world.

Golf Club 2 has so much to offer its players. You can build your very own courses, and it’s quite amazing on how much you're able to do when making one, with many categories included are course themes, terrain type and a general layout.

You don’t need to be a lone golfer either, join one of the many societies in the game. Some are included with the base game while others are user created. So yes, you can even make your own and have friends join. There are society golfing events clubs can take part in and they will change daily or weekly. Golf isn’t a game you can just be a whizz by picking up a club in the real world, unless you're Tiger Woods I guess, but your average joe isn’t. The game has a pretty decent tutorial section to teach you the skill to being a badass golfer, and includes three facilities, The driving range, Chipping practice and Putting practice. Each has you aiming for holes or close too them. There is no time limit but it's all about practice makes perfect at your own pace. Besides those three practice options there are lessons as well which will teach you swinging basics, putting, advanced shots.

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Menu design is pretty basic. Everything is themed with the colours black, red and white. It’s a pretty boring menu layout, and some things are in the form of large squares and words in a large bold font.

The play option which is at the very top on the main menu is the biggest part besides the career mode. Play has a lot going on inside of it. It’s there you’ll be able to see courses you've made your favorites, and courses friends have built. Other options in Play are TGC Official course, course suggestions and all course it’s mostly a filter for the game.

The Golf Club official courses is an example as to what you’ll see prior to a game of golf. Each course has its own tile and inside each tile shows stats for that said course. How many holes the game is, the difficulty, the amount of money that can be earnt, course type and an overall course rating from gamers who have played on the course.

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Career mode is all about taking your golf into an event format. Game is where instead of just playing one game, you’ll play events and so on. It’s enjoyable and you can create your own season or go off from season templates already made.

At launch the game suffered from extreme long loading times no matter what you were attempting to go into. Enough so that it crashed my game quite a few times. However after a couple of days this improved but when going into your character store I did find at times this could incur a longer loading time.

Now if you want to add more players for local multiplayer, or to change game settings, this is easily done by going into your profile in-game with the menu button on Xbox. Options are the usual, audio, gameplay, HUD options, controls and graphics just to mention a few. The Golf Club 2 supports up to 4 players locally. Another thing you can do in the profile section is check stats, watch replays and edit your golfer and their equipment.


You’ll hear alot of audio commentary. HUD while in a game of golf seems like it’s crowded but it’s not once you learn what it all means. Thing’s such as wind direction, the yards/metres to the hole, which club you have in your hands, which you can change whenever you choose. Other info shown is hole number, which par and stroke index.

Hitting a ball is all about good timing. Pull back your right stick and push forward quickly. Use your left stick for character movement to change which direction you’d like to hit at. A hole in one is possible, but I never managed to get one. After each hole, scores are shown. It's straight forward golf at its best. It’s quite an easy game to play, hit the ball as good as you can and try sinking the ball in the least amount of shots.


The Golf Club 2 impressed me in it’s gameplay, and on it’s visuals. The courses look unreal and alive, everything from the trees and sand bunkers all look as they would on a real golf course. Everything that’s featured in a real course isn’t forgotten in this game, water you'll sometimes need to hit over, trees you’ll need to watch for as balls can stop dead if they go high into their leaves. There are even animals that you’ll see like little squirrels. The shadows as well as the sun beaming through the trees and going across the fairway makes the game realistic. Music isn’t a major part of golf, but soft sounding music is featured in game.

Not a golfing fan? Neither am I, but I had a lot of fun playing The Golf Club 2. It’s a good looking game that isn’t hard to play and great to play solo or with friends. It might be a while off, but I look forward to seeing what HB Studios has installed for Golf Club 3.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE, Steam
  • Developer: HB Studios
  • Publisher: Maximum Games
  • Genre: Sports