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REVIEW: Rugby League Live 4 (Xbox One)

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The Rugby League Live games have never really gotten much praise from reviewers or fans. They haven’t been overly bad as such, moreso just average. RLL4 is looking to change that.

Rugby League games are pretty much non-existant except for the Rugby League Live series. This means little to no competition unlike soccer where FIFA and PES fight it out against each other every year.

Playing RLL4, I can quite possibly see why there is almost zero competition. Gameplay. Trying to get all the movements and actions on to one controller without destroying the gameplay is certainly a tough ask... But Big Ant, once again, has taken it on.


This time everything is what RLL3 was trying to be. The whole play-the-ball system is soooo much better. And much easier. There are still a lot of controls to wrap your head around for sure, but after a couple hours of play, it comes naturally. The AI is unforgiving and ruthless at times and makes it a real challenge... In a good way.

At times you will find yourself a little frustrated with the controls and gameplay... but hang in there, it gets much easier and much more fun. You can set different skill levels of play to suit your game.

RLL4 has all of your favourite teams from all different levels of the code including my favourite, State Of Origin. The Bunker has also made it to the game...

As I mentioned before, the controls are a little complex to begin with. There are times where you need to use 3 or 4 buttons at once to make your move while breaking the line while passing the ball or kicking during play. This is balanced out with the play-the-ball being almost semi-automatic which helps a lot and kicking for touch or conversion is made really quite simple with the need to use only the joysticks.


The game is really quite fluid from start to finish but the commentary leaves a bit to be desired. The commentary sometime stops abruptly or is ahead of the game. For instance, when waiting for a try decision, the commentary team will give away the result before the big screen says try or no try. Maybe a little more work on getting the commentary on point like FIFA would be a plus. But this is only a small gripe.

Multiplayer. I played against and with a friend of mine with no problems at all. However, playing with a friend is not as much fun as against. Playing with someone is actually rather hard. This is not a fault of RLL4 as I find it just as hard on games such as FIFA.

Playing with someone doesn’t allow you full control of the team and sometimes you can get confused who has the ball. Playing against someone is much more fun. I also found myself yelling at the TV like I would a real footy match. But I am a passionate footy lover.

The game looks great too. There some minor glitches here and there, but this can be forgiven. Big Ant has does an awesome job with the resources of a smaller studio. The player movements are fluid and the grounds and surroundings are detailed, the camera angles are also done properly. The player closeups don't show much emotion on the faces, but it's not like you see much of that anyway. The in-game stuff is what matters.

RLL4 offers the game modes you would expect of a sporting game. Career, season and quick play were all present. In career mode you can play as a rookie, a star player or as a coach. With these modes, you can focus on developing a single player or looking after an entire club. I prefer playing the game rather than coaching, but that is my preference.

This time around, the good certainly outweighs the bad. A lot. I can actually seeing myself playing and replying RLL4, whereas RLL3... not so much. I look forward to seeing what's next from Big Ant with RLL5! Simply put, If you are a Rugby Legue fan, get this! Keep up the good work guys!

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.25 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Jul 28, 2017
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Age Rating: E
  • Developer: Big Ant Studios
  • Publisher: Tru Blu
  • Genre: Sports