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REVIEW: DeadCore (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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Here's a fun cool game that will have your brain ticking. It's not a new game, well in the sense it's been on PC for a couple of years. Which is nothing new, half the time PC games never make it to console, but at least these days PC games are coming to Xbox and PS4. Deadcore first released on PC in 2014, and is developed by 5 Bits Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. I had the pleasure of grinding it on Xbox One, and I have to say it’s a great game, fans of Portal are going to love this if they haven't already played it.

The gameplay for Deadcore is fun, though at times you’ll be pulling teeth in frustration due to missing a jump by mere centimeters. It’s one of those games that's trial and error based. Stuff up anywhere and you then know to go another way, or maybe to move much quicker. The thrill of doing some objectives in a fast manner can be stressful, but it’s with stress that you’ll work things out at the pace that's needed. A major part of the game is time. Every second you're playing is time, not a countdown but an overall time. The timer won’t stop until you complete the entire story mode. The time is displayed on your weapon. Now the world of Deadcore is mostly set high in the sky, so falling is likely to occur at one time or another, causing you to die, but never fear as you’ll reset at your last checkpoint. Some checkpoints are close together whilst others are far apart, but you're never too far from your last. Now, the world is high in the sky as mentioned before, but that’s the least of your worries. Because there is the matter of reaching places that are fairly small cubes that if you are slightly off on your aim you'll miss it and fall.

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Other dangers include moving platforms, laser walls and large windmills that will push you off course. There are also moving squares, some small and others much bigger. When it comes to moving objects it’s all about strategy, and no beating around the bush, you’ll need to think super fast in some scenarios. The game's controls are simple, even for the games sometimes resilient gameplay. Your triggers are used for jumping and shooting your weapon. If you're caught in a situation where you can't pass, you can always press Y on Xbox to go back to your last checkpoint. As for the sticks, left is for movement, right for camera pan. Now besides time, when you simply jump you'll come across flame like objects. If you jump on one that's shooting up it'll boost you into the air, however run into one that's facing horizontal and you’ll fly into a direction you likely didn’t want to go and sometimes die because of it.

When playing the story mode, you’ll pick up collectibles, some are logs while others are sparks. Sparks can be tricky to reach but it’s something you can spend a lot of time trying to achieve them. The menu for the story it broken into three parts. First is cycle, which displays the current level you're playing as well as the time elapsed. It also shows how many sparks/logs you have and at the very bottom is the skills tree. Second thing is levels, it shows stats such as best times, the amount of respawns you did, the amount of shots taken and also deaths, with a few more other stats that you can check out anytime. Logs is the last section. Any logs you discover whilst playing the story will be here and each has a story for you to read, it's nothing special but it's there for your reading pleasure.

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Deadcore is an average looking game, but a good looking one. It’s future space age look is a page from Tron. Almost everything is a grey colour, with blue strobe lights. The level designs are basic, but on a whole it all looks pretty cool for a game this old. My only con for DeadCore on a visual standpoint was a little more colour wouldn’t have killed it. Music...I quite liked the soundtrack, it's very industrial most of the time with rock music included. Besides hearing music, you'll also hear the sounds of things moving around you.

Now it’s a shame there isn’t much to DeadCore the game. You only have two modes to play, story, then once you complete levels in story you’ll unlock a speed run for each level. Speed run sums itself up, you need to complete the level ASAP!!! There are plenty of tracks to run through so I guess it’s not so bad only having the two modes. The story is going to keep you quite busy for a number of hours. It’s a game for those who love to challenge themselves, this isn’t an adult only game but the younger generation of kid gamers might find this a bit hard.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.8 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
  • Genre: Indie, Action