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REVIEW: LawBreakers (Playstation 4)

Written by Ray Evans
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Published by Nexon and developed by Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers is another genre defining game alongside Overwatch and other futuristic FPS Call of Duty style gametypes. Why so? LawBreakers skips the campaign mode and puts you straight into gameplay that offers a great experience on many levels and different objectives.

There are 18 customisable characters in total, 9 for the Law and 9 for the Breakers. Stash drops are awarded for doing specific tasks within the game which contain items such as skins, decals and other customisation accessories.

The characters...


I used the assassin mostly but found myself spamming the mini gun of Vanguard for a whole lot of fun. There are so many different characters with different abilities that it's hard to actually just pick and stay with one as they are all quite unique in their styles of gameplay. I found that using a shotgun and waiting for my ninja ability to recharge achieved good results and killstreaks.

LawBreakers has a nice HUD which is easy to read but does feel a little cluttered. The HUD features the current objective, anyone left alive or dead, your abilities, current health and of course the kill feed. I had to keep checking the objective as during the frantic gameplay you tend to forget there is something we are supposed to do be doing other than the slaying out of the onslaught from enemies on objectives. Lifebars are quite deep requiring a high DPS and more often then not you can escape after a double kill finding health pickups around the map and continuing on to slay over objectives for high kill streaks.

lawbreakers 5

Game modes include Uplink, Blitz Ball, Turf War and Overcharge. Uplink involves downloading data and then returning it to your base. BlitzBall spawns a ball in the middle of the map which you fight to get it to the enemies base to score a point. Turf War is basically Hardpoint as you attack/defend a preplanned objective in a set rotation. Overcharge, which was my favourite requires you to charge a battery which is singularly spawned, take it back to your base and charge it to 100%. The battery doesn't lose charge so the enemy can steal it at anytime creating a fun tactic of waiting for a high charge until stealing the battery from the enemy.

Gameplay during Lawbreakers felt fast and smooth especially in zones with gravity fields and jump arrows. Using character abilities you can easily traverse the entire map within seconds ruthlessly dashing into the action or sitting back to recover health depending on your own strategy. Enemy runners are easily killed depending on team fire and cutoffs. The overall controller sensitivity and button mapping made for fast actions and as a consequence requires fast thinking. I found myself using boosters dashing in and out of enemy fire, especially to put those needed yards inbetween us to recover.

2017 08 22 00032
Button allocation can be changed from within the main menu and can be modified to a few different options of which I set my boosters to be on thumbstick to use 
as a quick sprint setup. There are so many customizable options in LawBreakers from weapon and character skins to your player's identity including playercards.

LawBreakers felt quite like Overwatch and has many great abilities which are quite fun. You could be so low on health and decide to hookshot out of there to cross the map to find life to then come back and slay them out all witin seconds.

Overall, I give LawBreakers a huge thumbs up to ditching campaign mode and charging less for a game. The gameplay is fast paced and incredibly fun. I would recommend though playing this one on a monitor as there is so much action onscreen at any one time.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4
  • Developer: Boss Key Productions
  • Publisher: Nexon
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer, Action