Tuesday, 05 September 2017 09:01

REVIEW: Redeemer (Steam)

Written by Ray Evans
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Meet Vasily. An elite operative, assassin and torturer. He's on the run and nobody can stop him... Redeemer is a top down brawler, run and gun style game which was developed by a russian company named Sobaka Studio and released August 1,2017. 

The game has quite a lengthy campaign and is as straight forward as it can be. Basically, slaughter multiple enemies clearing ground to exit the level. You can expect to be in situations that will have you grabbing for the nearest pot plant to break over your enemies head and then picking his knife up to brutally execute the next.

With some great and ever changing styles of combat, Reedemer has multiple roles which you will have to decide on the fly in game, such as picking up weapons like a shotgun or smg, a knife or an electric bat, a machete or going in barehanded. There are also strategy choices to make which impact gameplay and include finishing moves and normal kills, kicks and punches, dodge and roll to a punch. I found mixing it up while advancing through and dodging consecutively damaging enemies with a punch was quite effective in lowering their health ready to execute.


Many levels will start to feel the same just with enemies and guns. Office spaces are used alot and you can find items to kill enemies such as fire extinguishers, office chairs and other interactable items like electric saws. There is quite amount of gore which was present on my 55 inch HD display. Levels were well lit, in game visuals were easy on the eyes and any action was easy to see before it happened. Picking up weapons while you are overrun by enemies was quite easy to achieve.

Hardcore mode is quite satisfying and can be selected after you actually finish the game. There are multiple styles of gameplay available. I opted to use a controller which works perfect with input mapper. I spent hours playing Redeemer and have to say it's a great game. I would buy it for a rainy day and recommend it to anyone 15+ for the amount of gore and killing.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, Steam
  • Developer: Sobaka Studio
  • Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
  • Genre: Indie, Action