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REVIEW: Everybody’s Golf - Review (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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It was only roughly three months ago that I played the closed BETA for Everybody’s Golf. It wasn’t a BETA that offered much though it was good, but now the full game of Everybody’s Golf is pretty awesome. First impressions scream Nintendo!! But it was published by SCEE, and developed by Clap Hanz, This isn’t a new franchise, and exclusive to the PS4/PS4Pro it’s the first to be called Everybody’s Golf worldwide unlike in the past some regions called it Hot Shots.

Golf is a serious game, but this game isn’t.. Its packed with content for both single player and multiplayer. A part of playing is being able to unlock the goodies. Thing’s such as hairstyles, clothing, balls and clubs. There are also microtransactions at a starting price of $1.45 up to $11.95

Courses.. There isn't many, maybe five plus two overpriced DLC courses that are $7.55 and $9.55 From the moment you start playing most things are locked, including courses, game mode options.

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There is a nice amount of choice when it comes to games. There are four type of games three hole, six hole, nine hole and eighteen hole games, then there are cup/hole sizes teeny being small, normal, mega and a tornado hole that pretty much sucks the ball into the hole. Courses can be played forwards or reverse, and sometimes have rain, along with different times of day from noon, morning and evening. While playing, your caddy will offer advice that’s very helpful, especially when putting. Single player is much like multiplayer, same modes except turf wars, and there are tournaments to play instead. Prior to starting a match, you can select different clubs and balls you own. Clubs have their own stats and as you use them you’ll upgrade them.

When playing, for example, a nine hole game the games move quickly, which I totally appreciated. You can take your time before taking your shot, but going from one hole the the next is a quick thing.

Multiplayer has several ways as to how it can be played. "Offline" with a friend/friends, "Match" is yourself verses a friend, "Stroke" is one to four players. Playing with friends is fun, and flooking shots is likely to happen. Other online modes include "Open course" where you go from hole to hole. But my preferred online mode was "Turf wars". Think Halo, Red vs Blue as the saying goes, any holes a goal, simply sink as many holes before the time limit finishes. Each hole you sink you’ll earn points for your team. I faced no real issues whilst playing online servers hold up greatly.

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When it came the how Everybody’s Golf looked visually, it depends what you’re playing on. PS4 Pro owners will reap the most rewards, especially on 4KTV’s. Pro’s on 4KTV’s have a couple of choices from 4K resolution, 60fps or standard, which I can only guess to being 1080p. But that’s not all, the game also supports HDR, both PS4 and PS4 Pro support HDR, as long as you own a 4KTV with HDR. Playing without HDR enabled, the games colours are oversaturated, and super cartoony, easily passed off as a Nintendo game. But when turning on HDR mode, WOW what can I say? The games colour palette has no oversaturated colours, nothing but bright vibrant colours along with more natural colours. I definitely liked playing with HDR on than I did with it off. The HUD shows the course as a map on the right of screen, your hitting bar is bottom of screen and there are other things such as changing camera angle and distance range.

This is one of Sony’s most recent exclusives to the PS4 that's a game for all ages. It's fast paced and great playing by yourself or with friends, online or offline. It’s got fairly good support for the PS4 Pro which is saying something.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.8 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: Playstation 3, PS Vita, PS4
  • Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio, Camelot Software Planning, Clap Hanz, Clapping Hands
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Sports