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REVIEW: Dead Alliance (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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There wasn’t much of a buzz about Dead Alliance, well not to my knowledge, but anyone who was counting down the days to play it wouldn't be nothing short of disappointed. Why? Well continue reading and you’ll soon see why.

The gaming industry has a hiccup here and there when it comes to failed launches of games, anything from server issues to game breaking issues, Dead Alliance fits both criteria in one way or another. What really goes against Dead Alliance is it’s predominantly online modes, sure it has a single player mode which isn’t much to rave about, all which i'll go into more detail further down.

So to answer your question the game supports online co-op, as well as 1-8 players online. There are two options when it comes to playing the online aspects, first is quick match, the other being private matches. The difference is that a quick match will find and throw you into a match that's already started. It'll be one of many modes on any map, where as private match allows playing with friends online you'll be able to select a map and mode and slug it out. So that's the online modes, now onto the very small offline single player section. There are two choices, both very much the same. First is offline bots then solo survival, which both have you playing similar to online by running around and shooting the crap out of anything that moves a muscle, do zombies ever have muscle??

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Anyway... Modes aside the game is already a disappointment. The map selection is yet another fail in my opinion, having just six maps, and none that stand out or being memorable. The amount of mode types isn’t bad, you’ll be able to play TDM, Free For All, Capture The Flag, Attrition, King Of The Hill and Capture And Hold. The makers didn’t under cut the content when it came to weapons. You’ll be able to use a range of guns, from sniper rifles, handguns, LMGs, assault rifles even a crossbow in true Walking Dead style. You’ll also be able to spend your hard earned cash that’s earnt in online matches on weapon upgrades among other upgrades, perks and skill streaks are also apart of the game in the Hideout menu of the game's main menu.

Dead Alliance is similar to Titanfall. How so? Well, Titanfall has real players as well as AI enemies and that’s where the zombies come into the game. It’s a smart move for the fact that maps are quite big, but it doesn’t save the game from the disappointment that flows through it.

Controls can be either easy or complicated and in Dead Alliance there rather painful. No matter how many times I fiddled with the aim sensitivity my aim was never perfect making others that much harder to kill.

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There are more glitches then I could poke a stick at. From invisible weapons, to holding no weapon at all when one should be there. I even had a couple of moments where I was zooming round the map when I wasn’t even controlling my character only to be killed. Now I can’t speak for all but I have rather good internet and when playing online in quick match I endured rather high pings which caused ridiculous lag. I tested other online games and all others were fine but when it came to Dead Alliance the same could not be said. Other times i’d join a lobby super fast, other times it could be anywhere from two minutes to five.

Maps were bland with none that stood out. The game could easily be mistaken for a PS3/360 game. Zombies looked like zombies but once they got in your face they looked rather cruddy. Would you like some sound with your mediocre gameplay and visuals? Sure why not! All you’ll hear are footsteps, gunshots, voiceovers and groaning zombies.

I find it hard to spend the amount of money that's asked of to purchase Dead Alliance. I'd be pretty unhappy with my purchase, unless there is something done with the online servers i’d have to tell others to pass on the game which I never like telling people but hey i'm just being honest with my review.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 1.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Maximum Games, IllFonic, Psyop Games
  • Publisher: Maximum Games
  • Genre: Action