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FIRST IMPRESSION: Hyper Universe (Steam)

Written by Simon Hayward
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I've played my fair amount of MOBAs from the heavy hitters like League of Legends and DOTA, even through to others like Paragon. But Hyper Universe gives a new spin on the on the usual MOBA games, with its side scrolling action and its impressive graphics including a variety of characters to sink your teeth into, and can easily get into full swing.

Controls are exactly like most other MOBAS and even if you haven't played others before you can easily pick up the game controls by completing a basic tutorial that is fun and gets you where you need to go. Using a controller rather than a keyboard can be an option but keyboard controls seemed a little sluggish when playing, but was forgiven with the fact that the game was at a smooth pace to play at. The game has the usual 4 v 4 games of player vs A.I. or player vs player but the only available servers are America (north or West) and europe, giving no option for oceanic servers for us poor Australians. Due to the game version I played being the North American version, I can understand the server issues that can arrive but still hope they can accommodate for future updates.

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The game encourages you to try every character (referred to as Hypers) to unlock backstories and gain points to progress for better gear and equipment, that all can be purchased at the hyper shop with specialty equipment only for specific Hypers. Even if you want to focus on only one Hyper, points can still be gained by just playing. Including unlocking more backstory for that specific Hyper.

The original game is based off a Korean version, with this being the North American version (NA). With some upset over censorship between the versions I cant say I cared on the diference between the two. As the gameplay machanics still rolled over from the original along with what the developers intended for the core gameplay.

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Developers CWAVESOFT, Inc. have created a fun unique take on the usual styles of MOBAS that have gained attention and this multi level game should definitely give the players a different combination that they are used to. If you enjoys playing MOBAs and side scroller games and are a little tired of the usual MOBAs on the market definitely give Hyper Universe a go!

Additional Info

  • Review Score: First Impressions
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: CWAVESOFT, Inc.
  • Publisher: Nexon America Inc.
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Action, Early Access