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REVIEW: Destiny 2 (Playstation 4)

Written by Ray Evans
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Critically acclaimed publisher Activision and award winning Developer Bungie have worked together again to bring out their latest blockbuster title Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 follows alongside its predecessor Destiny, an MMO type FPS with 3rd person elements and continues the story adding a whole world of new experiences and gameplay.

The Cabal have finally decided to fight for real only this time head-on capturing the Traveller and forcing you to fight for light in an epic storyline which leads to the main boss of the story "Ghaul" being taken by the Travellers light. On the way you'll recieve a new subclass and abilities which are unlocked using upgrade points. The Warlock is quite impressive for PVE with a flaming sword and being able to create a Titan like overshield called Rift, which regenerates and can be switched to a higher damage, weapons of light type ability.

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Destiny 2 is still a grind. It's a beautiful place though and has loads of fun to offer with new planets to explore and a huge amount of new features including weapons and armor. Your characters will still look the same as you left them in destiny unless you delete them from the original game. The campaign took a fair amount of time to complete which has to be started solo but parties can form after the farm mission. I played all 3 characters up to the farm so I could continue grinding until my allies were ready to party. The campaign uses milestones to record your progress and they can be achieved by doing quests and passing the missions. Try to save as many milestones until higher levels as possible like the Mida quest to maximise your light during end game activities.

It doesn't take too long if you're completing Heroic Public Events and keep rolling 
engrams using buffs and handing tokens in to vendors which drop frequently from chests to find higher light. Subclasses are unlocked via completing challenges. Weapons all have the same perks now but the element damage can be switched using a new mod system. Some mods contain light and their own buffs such as higher damage or extra armor recovery. After light 280 you can create your own mods by stacking the same type and trading them with Banshee-44 at the tower to maximise your light and abilities.

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The Inventory has so many slots and new options. It's quite impressive how many changes have been added compared to the original Destiny. The Vault has alot more space and there are so many different types of item available including treasure maps, mods, shaders and consumables. Engrams have their own section which can hold 10 max.

Strikes are present again and are match-made if you don't have a fireteam. Some are quite lengthy but always present a challenge whether you are in Nightfall and part of a ratpack or a level 17 completing a milestones. Nightfall gives the usual random rewards and buffs you for 3 levels upon completion and will give access to a prestige Nightfall and guided games.

The Crucible is back and offers 3 options including Trials of The Nine, a Rrials of Osiris replacement over four days rotating the two normal modes including quickplay - a 4v4 rotation of maps and Competitive which changes maps and game-types on reset. Participating is part of milestones and will rank you up faster so teaming up is always great to slay out a few teams. Heavy ammo respawns often only offering whoever is first to pick it up. With supers recharging quite slow, games can turn into a real gun battle relying on grenades and abilities. Titans really do feel OP whether shielded, running striker or throwing  hammers they are quite scary running towards you super out.

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Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid will be availabe after light 260 and is reminiscent of an egyptian pyramid that has many doors and mechanics to pass that requires good teamwork and communication. The final boss Cabal emperor-in-exile, Calus invites the guardians in to complete a series of challenges in order to face him. Light drops are high but still just a few levels higher than your current level. Raid specific weapons and armor with high light are attainable as drops with a unique design. The raid can take 40 mins or 4 hours depending on whether your fireteam is working together and doing enough DPS.

Clans are really looked after in Destiny 2 with a new updated space on and features to customize including banner design and a chat box. In game, Hawthorne offers engrams to all members if you fill up the weekly clan XP and gives rewards for playing together. You can now invite other players direct from the roster screen and view a clan tab which shows the current progress and levels achieved.

Visually stunning, Destiny 2 has 4K HDR gaming and can make a 1080p TV look great. There are great chrome effects on sparrows and gameplay feels smooth, really, really smooth. Effects added in like transmat effects when your character spawns in look great and just add to the customizable visual effects including shader textures like carbon fibre and polished gold.

We've been waiting for Destiny 2 for quite some time now and it's better than expected. It's a absolute upgrade from its predecessor and adds so many diiferent styles of gameplay available. I'd recommend Destiny 2 to everyone.

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  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer, Action / Adventure