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REVIEW: Morphite (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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Here's a game that might feel rather familiar to PS4 and PC gamers, what i'm getting at is the fact the style of game and what you do in the game is like a page was taken out of No Man's Sky. That game was a flop to most who played it but Morphite is a rather interesting game that doesn’t require much to play, it's simple and is a game anyone can play.

Morphite is about a young woman named Myrah Kale, she was on a mission she believed to be an easy one, but she's soon shocked to find that a simple mission has her on an adventure. The major reason behind the story is from the rare material known as Morphite. Myrah will travel to many planets, 15 for the plot of the story but there are tons more to discover and land upon. She'll shoot animals and crates to get rewards, but she can also scan animals, creatures and plants as well. She can even trade with other ships including selling items she's gathered along her way.

Now, please note, this is a single player only game, no co-op or multiplayer...

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Players will find themselves in real time combat and you'll have character upgrades as well as ship upgrades. Animals and creatures are rather easy to kill, as the game has no difficulty setting. The point of the game is to explore, explore, explore! After killing or shooting crates along with other things on all planets they'll give you chunks as well as ammo. Gameplay is easy, moving around scanning and killing things, then moving onto the next planet. Most planets aren’t all that big unlike No Man's Sky, but I don’t want to keep comparing Morphite to No Man's Sky, they just have similarities.

The visuals for Morphite are a low poly style, lots of shapes are seen in a sharp kind of way, and the colours are almost close to psychedelic with lots of colours from purple, pink, red, green and blue. Music is mellow, nothing much besides the music is to be heard besides when people are talking, and there is only Myrah Kit Kat the cat and someone else that talks.

Being this is a FPS, the controls are standard. Left stick for moving around, right stick for aiming things like guns and scanner, I do believe that the sensitivity was a little bit of a pain, even after playing around with it I still wasn’t happy with it but I pushed on. Left trigger once pushed will lock onto animals and creatures. If you want to jump Xbox users press A, while PS4 players need to press X. Some doors require to be shot for them to open. A press of the left bumper will bring up a side menu on the left of screen that’ll show your scanner,weapons to switch between.

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The main menu for Morphite is broken into three parts but two lead to the same direction. Ship Info and missions will take you to the menu for missions, ship, weapons, items, scans and resources. The last option is the Star Map, it's here you’ll chose where you want to travel too. Some planets are far too hot to travel to, or you might not have enough fuel to get to some meaning you’ll need to travel to other closer planets and slowly reach to the one's far away. Planets look differently from each others, having their own names,temperatures and atmospheres.

For a game that I didn’t know anything about, and for it to have so many similarities to a PS4 game it was alright. It doesn’t move along fast but i'm not saying it's slow, it's just a good pace and it's nice to chill out looking around and progressing through the game and not really stressing about anything, it's a game for older gamers and also younger kids so it's a thumbs up for me.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Crescent Moon Games , We're Five Games , Blowfish Studios
  • Publisher: Crescent Moon Games
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Indie