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REVIEW: Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite (Xbox One)

Written by Staceface_Mayhem
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I am not a graceful person. In saying that, it transfers into my gaming style when playing fighting games. I’m comically hopeless at remembering combos, and by the time I’ve inputted those sweet moves the computer has already punted me halfway across the screen, and like a wounded puppy I get up and button mash my way to victory...sometimes. Despite this, I did squeal a little when the boss thrusted this across the table at me, after all, a geek can’t resist something with the word MARVEL and CAPCOM in it.

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite is the newest addition to Capcom’s famous, fighting franchise. Being the sixth edition, means they've had many attempts and years to listen to what consumers want from the franchise... so what did we get in 2017?

Firstly, and most noticeably, was the inclusion of a Story mode. Story modes in fighters has been a popular staple and a much needed addition as of late, making sure audiences are definitely getting a bang for their buck.

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This story focuses on the Marvel/Capcom infused world and their struggles to beat the baddie, a Ultron Sigma mutation that is hell bent of acquiring and mastering the ever elusive ‘Infinity Stones’. While not the strongest plot, and in no way in the calibre of say, Injustice 2’s storytelling, and with a questionable roster of characters, it is still strong enough to engage you to power on through to the absurd, boss battle at the end.

During most battles, Capcom has gone back to their traditional 2 vs 2 formula, however it was refreshing to see mixed up types of events during the story, whether it be 2 vs 12 bots, timed fights or a collection of your team taking down a single foe. The inclusion of the Infinity Stones has added a new element to the fighting with abilities called the ‘Infinity Surge’ and ‘Infinity Storm’, one charging from attacking while the other by taking damage. Depending on the stone type you pick; Space, Time, Reality, Power, Soul or Mind, will depend on what special new skill you'll bring to the fight, making for interesting combos and hopefully finishing moves.

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I found the fighting style particularly easy to use, even the noobiest of noobs, like myself, can push through this to the end, and fighting game connoisseurs will master it easily. Just by using a few choice combos and specials means most battles are over, as fast as Ironman can make a witty quip. The tag teaming during fights is so fluid, as simple as a click of a button and in flies your team mate, often during the turning point in the fights, and giving you valuable double teaming opportunities. In saying that, despite visually having different moves to each other, each character essentially feels as though they move the same. When you compare it to previous games and even other fighters, the movements just seem slowed down in general. Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoyed that fact, as it makes you feel more invested, rather than a mash of buttons in different directions, this time you can actually have a plan of attack.

The game also includes a Battle, Training and Missions mode. Battle mode is the tradition Verses style, pick your team from the selection of characters, Infinity Stones for special extra abilities and go online, local or against AI in multiple arenas. The training mode is just that, your chance to try out each character and learn their moves. The mission mode is the true grind of the game. Each character has ten missions requiring certain skill sets and combos of moves to complete. If you look down the list that is A LOT of missions, so at least there is some other content there for the characters you liked to play as. For me it was the ever, magnetic Spiderman but more surprisingly Dante from Devil May Cry, was one of my go to play makers.

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Back to that questionable character roster. Sadly, gone are the days of the X-men, not a Deadpool or Doctor Doom in sight, probably due to rights ownership and some Capcom characters you are left inching your head thinking... just why? Even the main nemesis... Sigma, just seems like a cosmetically confused appendage to the considerably more bad ass Ultron. Speaking of cosmetics, while the environments are a fantastic amalgamations of Marvel and Capcom scenes and places, the characters at times just look downright gaudy. It seems they were going further away from the comic style of the pass and more towards an action figure style, and it falls flat. Thor and Frank West particularly seems like he has seen better days, Captain America seems he is going to roid rage at any minute and for some reason a whole score of them have oddly fitting capes.

I might say this, some characters are standout with Hawkeye, Ghost Rider and Chung Li being particularly memorable. If I wanted to split hairs I could even say the menus are just utterly lack lustre and ooze no charisma that the game actually offers. The voice acting is top notched with the voice actors really nailing each personality, Thanos all powerful and brooding self, Rocket Racoon’s smartarse one liners down to Chris Redfield’s take no crap attitude.

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What I did find considerably disappointing was the lack of customisation, not wanting to bring Injustice 2 back into the equation, but it just offered so much more incentive to keep playing characters with different arcs and gear. You are offered 2 skins each character, for completing their missions, and even then they aren’t that special. A pity since so much could be done with the characters.

Final Thought. Overall, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is a good, solid, fun game, which is accessible to both the masterful fighter players to the freshies and fans, who just want to play it for the story. While not the most in-depth story, most will lavish in the flashy gameplay and interesting displays of combos. While playing though, I just couldn’t shake the thought, that another certain popular, comic, superhero fighter nailed the genre this year, and this needs a lot of work to hold a torch even close to it.

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  • Review Score: 3.5 /5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Fighting