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REVIEW: Ruiner (PC)

Written by Simon Hayward
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Ruiner is hard, fast and full of cybernetically enhanced fun! As soon as you jump into the game the tutorial eases you in before next to no time the walls are splattered with the blood of your enemies. All in an effort to save your brother and kill the boss of Heaven all set in the year 2091 in the Metropolis Renegkok.

Starting out with a simple metal pipe until you can progress by upgrading your character, picking up weapons and completing side quest. Dishing out pain you have an enormous variety of weapons at your disposal, including swords, hammers, shotguns, assault rifles and sonic cannons to just name a few. With the RPG aspect to the game, this really brings the variety on how you play. Weather you like to run and gun or get in nice and close for that intermit approach, either way you will need to move fast and think fast to survive.

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This isometric RPG/shooter with its cyberpunk world looks amazing from area to area you go to. This also includes the main hub that acts like a home base of sorts that you can interact with other people to gain insight into the world and also to gain 'Karma', which is a sort of experience system to help you upgrade your character. And the characters you meet on the way are interesting to say the least, even though interaction is through a simple picture of the character and text. The rest of the game makes up for the compelling talking with pure fast paced action that gets ranked after every area is completed which results in more 'Karma', so more Karma means more abilities to unlock with also the choice to go back to that level to get a better score.

Going back to the abilities, you have a huge variety that can be wielded at your disposal and are necessary to defeat the hardest of opponents. Such as Dash which allows you to maneuver around enemies for that satisfying melee kill, or shield ability that allows you to soak up damage like a sponge so you can shoot at your enemies from afar. Whatever ability you decide to focus your efforts on, you can mix them up to whatever you like. Just wait til the game does this awesome slow-mo feature that happens when you pick up a new gun, just like a scene out of the matrix.

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Did I mention you get a bike? Yes a bike! Sure it's not the bike out Akira but it will do, especially in a few scenes in the game that it shows off how badass your character is, including the protagonists helmet that has a mind of its own to really set the mood at some stages. All in all if you love movies with the look and the feel like Ghost in the Shell, Akira or Blade Runner or even other cyberpunk games like Deus Ex, Gunpoint, Syndicate Wars or Shadowrun, you're going to really enjoy Ruiner. 

You can't help to enjoy this beautiful looking game with the amazing detail Reikon Games put into it. Also I gotta love a little easter egg that Devolver Digital put in to as a wink to their other published games. It's easy for me to say I loved playing Ruiner for its characters, its world and its over the top action.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Reikon Games
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Genre: Action