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REVIEW: Gundam Versus (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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Do you love robots? Transformers or Voltron? Well Bandai Namco brings Gundam Versus nothing but robot combat offline and online to PS4 console owners. Released July 2017 in Japan, and now finally europe and USA get it and I totally had a blast bashing it out with all robots in the game! 

Only available on the Playstation 4, there's been a ton of Gundam games since the Nintendo Entertainment System, making the franchise 31 years old, but playing on the PS4 I only have great things to say about it. The 31 years of games isn’t including that the games were based off a anime series from 1970’s so Gundam is a rather old franchise than most might think.

You’d think there would be a story to tell, but i'm afraid there isn't. It's more or less just robot on robot action and nothing else, sure there are a couple of modes to do this but none have a story. No matter the mode, offline or online all gameplay runs quite fast and it’s the way it should be if you're running around on foot or hovering and flying around whilst attacking all the enemies as battles can be easy but not before long the game can become difficult.

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There's a monster size of playable characters from mobile suit robots to strikers, more then 90+ for each and then there is 11 battle navigators ingame. Strikers and battle navigators will unlock upon meeting their requirements, plus there are 5 DLC battle mobile suit characters to purchase with real money, they all cost $7.55AUD.

So here is the low down of modes playable offline and online, first with the offline modes. Free Battle is the “Practice Mode” Then there is Trial Battle, it's nothing but facing the AI where there is a number of routes that all have there own difficulty you’ll go from one level to the next battling robots and so on. Now onto Ultimate Battle. Here you’ll be able to select the preferred difficulty from easy, normal, hard and boss. Now depending on which difficulty you go with, the game will determine the number of waves you must complete. Online modes include ranked, casual and player match. Ranked requires you to be at least regular rank or higher before being allowed to play in that mode. Casual however is open from the git-go and casual has 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. Player match is if you want to join a room/lobby you can make your own rooms or search for friends rooms. Prior to actually getting into an online game, you're placed into a small match against AI until a game is available. Online connection can be set between two ways, worldwide or just in the region you live inside of.

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There are just a couple more game options i’ve yet to share, firstly the MS Development Tree. This section is where upgrades can be purchased with GP points that are earnt through fighting battles across all modes. Information is a selectable option in the main menu and has several 
regions and it's there you’ll see patch notes for the game. Lastly is the briefing room. It’s full of lots of things from battle record and rankings. You can also change emblems and titles here and change battle navigators as well as background music all from this section of the game.

I played Gundam Versus on my PS4Pro, and good news PS4Pro owners it does have some support. I can say that it doesn’t run native 4K or Checkerboard 4K, more likely 1440p for 4KTV PS4Pro owners and 1080p for non 4KTV Pro owners. The makers have stated that the games support is merely graphic enhancements. But that aside, the game runs smooth on the PS4. All areas you’ll battle in are bright and very open to a point. From out of space to cities on earth. The detail on all the robots are really nice. Across the board, textures are a nice sight to look at. Now, as for the HUD, it’s got a bit for the arena map, weapons, the current difficulty and characters and energy bars. When in combat the sound can make or break any game, Gundam Versus has some good points with it’s sound and also some tiny cons. Being a Japanese game nothing verbal from music to character voices is translated into any other language, but all visual words are in english. The music is bad but good, at times I had a laugh thinking to myself this is cheesy but it was just a small niggle about the game I had.

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In the settings, there's not many but a few options to change at your leisure from network, sound and control settings. When it come to the controls for Gundam Versus it's a mixed bag, on paper they sound straightforward but when playing the game it can seem far from straightforward. I won’t mention the entire layout for the controls just the basics. Square is ranged attacks, triangle is melee attacks, X is for jumping and circle is for changing targets. There are other buttons for the controls but you’ll learn those when playing.

So my verdict on Gundam Versus is positive. Bandai Namco have good games and Gundam Versus is a very good game that i’ll continue to play even after doing my review. It’s a game that can be picked up and just battle for as long as you like without any hassles. So if you’ve ever played the older titles from the past be sure to pick this up, for those gamers out there who love the fighting genre this is a game you’ll enjoy playing.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Genre: Fighting, Action