Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:34

REVIEW: Jettomero: Hero Of The Universe (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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Now, here's a space exploration game that has a whacky visual design which you play as a giant, who at first I assumed to be the villain, but not before long it’s clear Jettomero is in fact the hero.

The game is simple, as is the story, nothing much to it to be honest. You play as a red giant who’s called Jettomero, he at first doesn’t understand his purpose and he's also fairly clumsy. The game starts off on a small moon, this is your meet and greet with Jettomero, he’s very confused but you’re then showed the ropes of the controls of the game. Before you know it you're blasting off into a wormhole and the game then officially begins.

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So the gameplay entails nothing more than flying around one planet to the next before finally going into another wormhole to find yet another small universe. You’ll need to pick up yellow icons that gives you boost, these are found on planets you explore but smashing asteroids will also give you boost. Some, but not all planets have monsters on them, you'll have to fight them to save the planet they are on. How this is done is by on screen button prompts, you have a short time to press a selection of buttons that will in turn use Jettomeros laser eyes. If you miss the button prompts you'll be pushed back, but as there is no difficulty for the game this part is super easy.

Puzzles are apart of Jettomero, you’ll need to decrypt encrypted messages which will reward you with a 100G achievement once you do all nine. Why nine? That's due to the amount of comic books you’ll travel through in your time playing the game. One thing is certain, the game is pretty fun, but it’s gameplay formula is repetitive to the max. Keeping track of planets you’ve already landed on is tricky, also something Jettomero can do is jump, but I never found a good moment to use his lame jump.

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Whacky is one way to describe the graphics, but if I had to get technical, I'd say these visuals are due to procedurally generated graphics and physics-based animations system. The entire game is full of bright neon colours, greens, pink, purple and a range of other colours. In between gameplay there are screens that are comic book designed and I mean old school designs. The mini universes you’ll travel through all have a massive sun, with a number of planets orbiting it. There are also asteroids and comets traveling around so it really looks like a universe that's over the top popping with colour. Sounds from crushing buildings to the verbal mumbles of characters will be heard, and the music is rather laid back and relaxing.

Jettomero: Hero of The Universe is only available on Xbox One and Steam. Sure it’s an odd story but that sets it apart from all other games. It's a short creative game that can be somewhat completed in a matter of hours, and even then you can replay to do things you might have missed. I managed to complete the game in roughly two hours, but it can go longer, but how much longer exactly I do not know.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, Mac, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Ghost Time Games
  • Publisher: Ghost Time Games
  • Genre: Indie